Challenge 3: Hack it Back

A contest log for Supplyframe DesignLab: 2022 Hackaday Prize

A global hardware design challenge focused on widespread and impactful innovation.

lutetiumLutetium 03/25/2022 at 16:3314 Comments


Entry Period 7:01 a.m. P.D.T on June 12, 2022 - 7:00 a.m. P.D.T on July 24, 2022

Finalists Announced on or around 8/8

Your project adds new capabilities to older electrical gear to keep it useful.  

Just because there’s a newer version of something doesn’t mean the old model should get left in the dust. Sometimes all it takes are some components, a little know-how, and a pinch of patience to turn an outdated piece of gear into something useful. This challenge tasks the community with adding new capabilities to old hardware, or to bring something broken back from the brink and make it functional again.

This could look like: 


AIRPOCKET wrote 08/11/2022 at 22:42 point

Hello everyone, I received an email today with the following information, is this a scam?

Your project "Spring-Driven Digital Movie Camera" has won a Finalist Award ($500) in the 2022 Hackaday Prize Challenge 03: Hack it Back.

Unfortunately, there was a miscommunication in the communication of the Challenge 3 announcement article and your project is not listed there, but it will be in all future press and featured on all of Hackaday's social media platforms. We deeply apologize for this mistake.

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Dusan Petrovic wrote 08/12/2022 at 13:26 point

No, it's not. You are one of the winners. Congratulations! We appreciate your awesome entry and hope you continue developing your project. If you have any questions please contact Good luck on the Prize!

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Dusan Petrovic wrote 08/10/2022 at 15:08 point

Congratulations to all the winners, and a huge thanks to all entrants!

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Jeremy wrote 08/10/2022 at 16:33 point

Thank you! Congratulations to all the winners! Awesome projects everyone, including those who weren't selected! It is so amazing to see all the different ways people have tackled different challenges and were willing to share their ideas!

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Sergio Ghirardelli wrote 07/24/2022 at 19:11 point

hello everyone, I made a mistake, I wanted to sign up for challenge 4 which should start today, but by mistake I signed up for challenge 3, how can I solve it?

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Dusan Petrovic wrote 08/01/2022 at 16:17 point

Hi @Sergio Ghirardelli  - if you make a project Private on the Edit project page, it will be removed from all lists you submitted it to. You can make it public afterward and then submit it again. 

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Emilio P.G. Ficara wrote 07/20/2022 at 15:46 point

Hello, I received the advice from a reader (with hackaday email)  to submit my project "Oscilloscope as text display" to this contest. I have my full project on-line an then I tried to add it to the contest. I clicked the orange box, then on the drop down menu I selected "hack it back" and a new orange button appeared, with the submit. I clicket that, but all the screen was grayed and also a gray box appeared with "submit your project to hackaday prize" and nothing more. I waited a bit, then I wrote an email to the mailbox that the friend sent with the message, but I received "not delivered" from gmail (and also was classified as spam). I don't think I can win a prize, but I would like to try... Why not?

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Fabio wrote 07/21/2022 at 07:39 point

same to me : what does the popup message "Please submit your project to The Hackaday Prize" mean?

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Emilio P.G. Ficara wrote 07/21/2022 at 07:46 point

Hello. I think that something is going wrong or you must create a new page and then apply (but this would be very unpractical, having your project finished) or the submissions are too much for such contest. We need help from one that known "how it works" for direct experience...

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Fabio wrote 07/21/2022 at 08:28 point

Tried also adding a brand new project using the contest "Start your Entry" button - still getting the "Please submit your project to The Hackaday Prize" popup...

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Fabio wrote 07/21/2022 at 13:37 point

Got it - you have to submit to the "Supplyframe DesignLab: 2022 Hackaday Prize". It'll give you the "hack it back" choice by default (the last and only open one)

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Emilio P.G. Ficara wrote 07/21/2022 at 13:50 point

Many thanks, Fabio! I followed your suggestion and also got the result. No hope to win, just the pleasure to share a (very) old project. See you

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Luke J. Barker wrote 06/30/2022 at 16:13 point

Steven, create a project and once you are ready, press "Submit to..." the contest you want to enter.

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Steven J Greenfield wrote 06/24/2022 at 18:45 point

So how do I enter?

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