Adafruit Pi Zero Contest

Hackaday and Adafruit are running a contest featuring the Raspberry Pi Zero

Monday, February 1, 2016 12:00 am PST - Sunday, March 13, 2016 11:59 pm PST Local time zone:
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Hackaday and Adafruit are teaming up to bring you the Pi Zero Contest. Unless you’ve been hiding out in your workshop for the past month or so, you probably already know The Pi Zero is the $5 Linux-based computer which has been taking the world by storm. Think you have the next great project for this single-board computer? Enter it for a chance to take home one of three $100 gift certificates to the Hackaday Store. We know Zeros have been hard to find, so we’ll be giving away 10 of them before the contest is over. Even if you don’t have a Pi Zero, read on!

This is all about documenting quality projects to We’re looking for well thought out, well documented builds intended for the Pi Zero. Any project submitted to this contest can also be rolled over to the 2016 Hackaday Prize. Think of it as getting a head start.

  • From February 2nd, to February 20th, Lady Ada will make 10 ‘From the Desk of Lady Ada’ broadcasts focusing on this contest. During each broadcast she will present an idea for a Pi Zero Project. You don’t have to build Lady Ada’s projects, they’re starter ideas to get your wheels turning. If you don’t have a Raspberry Pi Zero, don’t worry! You can prototype with a Raspberry Pi Model B, or a Pi 2. There are also 10 Pi Zero boards up for grabs before the contest is over.
  • The deadline for winning a Pi Zero is 12:00am PST February 25th, 2016. The judges will pick the 10 most well thought out and well documented projects.
  • On February 29th, the judges will announce the winners of 10 Raspberry Pi Zero boards.
  • The grand prize for this contest is one of three $100 gift cards to the Hackaday store. The deadline to enter is 12:00 am PST March 14th, 2016.

Entering is easy. All you have to do is submit your project. Just click the “Submit to” drop down list on your project page. Then select Adafruit Pi Zero Contest.

If you want to share your project on social media, use #PiHackAda.

So fire up your soldering irons, warm up your 3D printers, and load up your favorite code editor. It’s time to start hacking!

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deʃhipu wrote 02/02/2016 at 08:47 point

So I clicked "Submit your project to..." then selected "Adafruit Pi Zero Contest" and got a message "Thank you for submitting to Trinket Everyday Carry Contest"... Um, what?

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Sophi Kravitz wrote 02/02/2016 at 19:11 point


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deʃhipu wrote 02/02/2016 at 20:50 point

Awesome! Thanks!

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notme wrote 02/02/2016 at 03:30 point

Details are available in the image when opened in nano. Good luck. 

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Adam Fabio wrote 02/02/2016 at 20:46 point

Not this time - nothing hidden in these images. 

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Norse wrote 02/01/2016 at 18:05 point

"Lady Ada will make 10 ‘From the Desk of Lady Ada’ broadcasts focusing on this contest." Can we get dates and times for these?

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Adam Fabio wrote 02/02/2016 at 04:54 point

We don't have exact dates and times for Adafruit's broadcasts. However, everything is recorded, and available on their various streaming services (Periscope, YouTube, etc)

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Asad Zia wrote 02/01/2016 at 14:06 point

is this contest open to international participents?

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Adam Fabio wrote 02/02/2016 at 04:51 point

Yes! Anyone can enter! If we get any interstellar entries, those are valid too. 

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deʃhipu wrote 02/02/2016 at 08:45 point

Even the usually excluded countries, like North Korea?

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matt.p.ahrens wrote 02/01/2016 at 03:20 point

I am super excited to see what comes out of this! Especially as I am looking for stuff to make with students this summer. 

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danjovic wrote 01/31/2016 at 23:43 point

Funny, PIADA means JOKE in portuguese (that's why it's funny, lol). I'll wait for the contest rules, then. Don't know if I will be able to participate but I'll try at least to come out with some ideas. 

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Adam Fabio wrote 02/02/2016 at 04:53 point

You caught us! I switched it to #PiHackAda so there isn't any confusion over in the twitterverse

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jacksonliam wrote 01/31/2016 at 21:33 point

Where do we keep an eye out for the 10 ideas? 

If the idea matches an existing project, can we enter that? :-D

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Sophi Kravitz wrote 02/01/2016 at 00:18 point

Yes you can!

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[this comment has been deleted]

j0z0r pwn4tr0n wrote 01/28/2016 at 04:15 point

I got one from Adafruit on their second run. They were sold out of the single boards, but I needed some of the stuff in the $30 bundle anyway. Soon everyone will have one and the supply will balance out. It says you can prototype with one of the other more common models. I'm gonna enter this contest, although Idk with what yet:

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deʃhipu wrote 01/28/2016 at 07:46 point

"The 10 best entries win a Raspberry Pi Zero." -- so you can implement your project using any ersatz board, and replace it with Pi Zero later.

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Sophi Kravitz wrote 01/30/2016 at 20:31 point

you can prototype with another RaspPi model, or just submit an idea. But your idea should be well-thought out :)

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