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Sunday, January 31, 2021 12:00 am GMT Local time zone:
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To Join A Class: Please visit the course page you would like to join on Eventbrite and complete the ticket registration.

Cost: All Courses are available as a pay as you wish donation. All donations go towards socially conscious causes. In 2020, we donated $12,000 USD to Steam Coders

For those who would like to take courses at no cost, all the course videos will be uploaded, within a few weeks, to the HackadayU Playlist on the Hackaday Youtube page. 

Payment types: Our ticketing system accepts credit cards and PayPal. If you have a payment type that is not accepted, you can watch the class video when posted. We will post the course videos on the HackadayU playlist

Each complete course is a total of five sessions. 

Office Hours: Each course includes weekly office hours, these are live Q&A sessions where instructors will answer questions regarding the course material. Due to time, the number of questions that can be asked will be limited.   

Classes: Each course includes five 1-hour classes. The unedited class videos will be available to those registered for the course a few days after each class (the exception to this is if we experience a technical issue with recording). Edited videos will be available at a later date on Hackaday's Youtube page for all to view. 

Certificate of Completion: HackadayU is now offering a certificate of completion to everyone taking the live courses. Each course will have a final project or weekly quizzes that will need to be successfully completed by the given deadline.

Additional Questions: Please do not contact the teachers personally. Course questions should be asked publicly on the course project page. Administrative questions can contact HackadayU team: superconference (at)

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