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Thursday, September 24, 2020 12:00 am GMT Local time zone:
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To Join A Class: Please visit the course page you would like to join on Eventbrite and complete the ticket registration.

Cost: All Courses are available for a pay as you wish donation. All donations go towards socially conscious causes. For the Summer 2020 session, we donated $4200 USD to Steam Coders

For those who would like to take courses at no cost, all the course videos will be uploaded, in a few weeks, to the HackadayU Playlist on the Hackaday Youtube page. 

Payment types: Our ticketing system accepts credit cards and Paypal. If you have a payment type that is not accepted, you can watch the class video when posted. We post course videos on the HackadayU playlist

Each complete course is a total of four sessions. We had some issues at the beginning with creating a way for everyone to only have to register once, and we want to thank you for your patience! For those who would like to attend all sessions, you only need to sign up for the last date available when registering on the ticketing site. Students who register for the last event date will receive emails for all the Class Videos and Office Hours.

Office Hours: Each course includes weekly office hours, these are a live Q&A session where instructors will answer questions regarding the course material. Due to time, the number of questions that can be asked will be limited. The Office Hour link for each course will be provided via email to those who are registered through the Event page. 

Classes: Course are pre-recorded videos from the Instructors. Instructors will only be present for the Office Hours. The class videos will also be available at a later date on Hackaday's Youtube page for all to view. 

Additional Questions: Please do not contact the teachers personally. Course questions should be asked publicly on the course project page. Administrative questions can contact HackadayU team: superconference (at)

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