Class 2: I2C Implementation on MSP430

A course class for Embedded Serial Buses

HackadayU course all about serial buses! Part 1 includes I2C and 1-Wire.

AlexanderAlexander 09/30/2020 at 12:480 Comments

Class 2 video: 

In the second week of this course, we dive deep into how microcontrollers implement the I2C protocol. Using the MSP430F5529 as an example, we take a look at how I2C registers are organized, and what procedures you need to go through to get I2C communication working. For this example, we look at the SHT21 temperature and humidity sensor. Code is also provided for the SHT31 in the git repository.

One of the most important skills that I hope you develop is the ability to use and read datasheets. More important than memorizing information is knowing where to look for it. To this end, we look at the real documents used to create the example code, and I explain what to look for in datasheets from other manufacturers.