Class 4: Bringing it All Together

A course class for Embedded Serial Buses

HackadayU course all about serial buses! Part 1 includes I2C and 1-Wire.

AlexanderAlexander 09/30/2020 at 12:530 Comments

Class 4 video: 

In the final week of this course, we look at an example project which uses the code from the previous weeks to communicate with additional sensors, and display the data on an I2C-enabled character LCD. We also take a look at how important logic analyzers are when working with serial buses. At the end of the video, a short quiz of 9 questions is offered to self-evaluate how much you learned from this course!

Any questions, as always, can be left in the comments on this course page, or asked in the course chatroom. You are also welcome to email me directly. A big thanks to HackadayU for partnering with me for this course!