Equipment Options: Express Pack & Black Girls Code Promo

A course class for Interactive Media Art with Light and Sensors

In this course students will learn how to use sensors, sound and light!

mirabellejonesmirabellejones 08/25/2020 at 06:320 Comments

Hi Students!

Our first class will be in just a couple weeks! If you haven't signed up, please visit the Eventbrite link and select which days you'd like to attend:

If you haven't purchased equipment yet, Adafruit and Digikey are running a promotion where if you buy the Circuit Playground Express using the following link, they will donate one to Black Girls Code:

AND if you're planning to take the course with a friend (your partner, your kiddo, your pal), OR you're a busy maker and know you'll want spare gear, I recommend purchasing the Circuit Playground Express Advanced Pack which will include everything you'll need for class PLUS conductive thread, needs, copper tape, sewable neopixel, and other materials which will allow you to experiment even more and make wearables / soft circuits!

You can purchase it from Adafruit at: