Class 1: Introduction to Prototyping, Schematics, and Drawings

A course log for Prototyping in Mechanical Engineering

Learn prototyping skills mechanical engineering: schematics and drawings, materials, manufacturing, fluids, and motion

Will FischerWill Fischer 12/23/2020 at 11:270 Comments

This is our intro class, and I'll talk about my background, why engineers prototype, and I'll finish with important information on how to read and think about schematic drawings and buying parts from vendors.

    1. Introduction
      1. Who I am and my background
      2. How I tend to work
      3. Course intro
        1. What is Mechanical Engineering?
        2. What to expect to learn
        3. Pace
    2. Why prototype?
      1. Move quickly
      2. Learn from your prototypes
    3. Drawings
      1. Why drawings are important
      2. How to read a drawing
      3. Things to keep in mind when creating a drawing
      4. Inspection

Image used in Quiz 1

Class 1 unedited video with Q&A. The final edited video will be available for everyone on Hackaday's Youtube in a few weeks.