• Drilling my own enclosures

    09/02/2020 at 16:49 0 comments

    Just a quick post about a little project I'm doing for buddy of mine. Normally I never really get my hands dirty with enclosures (I suck at them, and have no patience for the learning curve ha ha), but when assembling a mini test rig for the project I decided to give it a go.

    Pretty bloody happy with the results! A few buttons are slightly off thanks to drill bits jumping (using a nail as a centre punch isn't brilliant) but overall I'm really happy.

    Next up I need to wire up the encoder, five pots and the encoder, mount an Arduino Mega and Pi4 4gb inside, cut a hole for a panelmount USB port to power the Pi and add a phone holder on top.

    It's sad how pleased with myself I am ha ha ha!

  • 2020 Targets

    01/01/2020 at 23:42 0 comments

    Just a little list of things for me to aim for for this year:

    • Complete DigiBone - i have an L shaped idea top prototype that I keep procrastinating over and it's time to stop doing that. Rather than having a full over-the-shoulder part the L shape will just have the mouthpiece area, the slide stock (where the ping sensors will be located) and then the speaker on the other side of the L, roughly in the position the bell would find itself.
    • Complete my Pi Pedal - the pedal enclosure is built, and it's just a case of wiring it. Buttons to pi pins, power supply to Pi, then the case sockets to the HAT ins and outs.
    • Explore another Pedal Idea - I have an Acer Revo Build that would sit nicely on a small pedalboard. It should run something like Guitar Rig, so building a large, Arduino-based foot controller for it would be something I'd like to pursue. Perhaps even de-casing a USB soundcard and housing it in the controller with a USB Hub could be on the cards
    • Finish building Pi Cluster - the Pi boards should be in my possession in the next week or two, so putting the kit together and getting Kubernetes working will be the next phase. Also contemplating a new enclosure design for it; more rectangular. Screen to the left, with the Pis mounted to the right. The switch and its power brick underneath.
    • Totem Maker Kit Review.
    • Fix Totem Spider.
    • Write up the NodeMCU wifi clock I made for my son.
    • Write up and build the new Pi version I have planned.
    • Finish Car Pi audio install - awaiting Mauseberry board
    • Build Totem rack to hold din rails- triangular ends, beams to support. Cut din rail and mount the rail PoS and Nodemcu to the angled side, power modules to go on the back side rail. Face back side rail inwards to keep it small and tidy. Install arduino Mega w/ Ethernet or Wi-Fi shield in base with breadboard and potentially a small switch or access point. Will simplify development. 

    I'll add more as and when I think of them.

  • Product Review | Totem Maker Kit

    10/17/2019 at 16:20 0 comments

    The Totem Maker Kit is a large construction set from the makers of the [insert kits here]. Designed to give the user all the tools they need to create all kinds of structures, frames and projects, this kit comes with all of the parts and tools you need to get started.

    In the past I have been very fortunate to review a few different maker kits from Totem. The pre-built kits are amazing; and are very well put together for the task at hand.

    In addition to these pre-built kits I was also given the opportunity to road test one of the general maker kits, packed with everything you'd need to craft your own designs from a huge number of beams, panels and all the fixings between the two.

    New X4 board

    Pros - cutting tools, most structures possible, simply to work with cms. Instruction book provides info on common structural joins.

    Cons - lack of custom panels for mounting arduinos, Pis etc. mounting pate with board holes on that fits the beam's holes.

    Things I've built:

    Cluster frame

    Extensions for Totem Mini Lab

    miniature drawers for components.

    MIDI button tester.

    Fader rack.

    All kinds