I love so many things from electronics, photo + video, welding, art and helping others, poker and chess, jokes...inventor

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Tony wrote 11/10/2020 at 20:22 point

Sorry I'm responding so late.... Corona visited my wife and me and few other issues, but I'm back. As to hacking is concerned, I would never use my abilities and or help by others to any criminal and or even questionable behavior!!! I respect and support our laws and if I can't help someone, at least I don't hurt by my actions anyone else and or do illegal stuff! What I like to do is to poke around my Rigol equipment and see what else is there and get them connected to my network also..... Just a curiosity in me, that is all. Second, I hate to dispose older equipment, like printers, computers, phones, tablets and many many more items, that can serve a second life. I use Tracfone so I get a new phone every year, but I would like to discover how to use the LCD for Arduino projects.... I know I can use the phone as a webcam... But I like to find some place where people like me were able to contribute about REUSE electronics that are everywhere. Just last Saturday I was taking apart my Epson WF-7720, when I discovered lots of motors, sensors and the large scanner - that would be nice to use for some project. Why am I doing this - I grew up extremely poor and I was able to fix just about anything or make a bicycle from old busted bicycles - I had to usually buy the tires and few other parts.... Even now in my 60's I have a hard time just disposing stuff. My goal is, since I'm mostly retired now, to make a club that would do just that - make stuff from old or discarded items that can have a second life. Not long ago, on the curb was a 32" TV. Took it home and fixed the power supply and now it is a great and extra large monitor! Later on someone wanted giveaway TV, much larger this time, so I went for it. They were happy to get rid of it and I'll try to fix it. It can be donated to families that can't afford a TV or need a second one for kids.... Giving to others is so great and both recipient and giver get a feeling that can't bee purchased! Thanks.

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Simon Merrett wrote 06/22/2020 at 10:16 point

Tony, I don't know what you want to achieve by hacking your rigol power supply but you will probably have more success if you join the "hack chat" message section of the website and ask people there. Be aware that they are often asked to help people hack emails, social media accounts etc which is not what the people on this site are here for, so make it clear that you are trying to modify your own hardware to do something different and you should get a more positive response than if you ask for help with general hacking. Once they get to know you it won't be an issue but new users can be treated with a slightly abrupt tone until it's clear you have an ethos (not hacking for your benefit to others' detriment) consistent with the community there/here. You may still find people disagree with what you might be trying to do but the hack chat is the best place to get specific help if you are doing something people would be happy to do themselves. 

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