• ANNOUNCING NEW LIVE STREAM SHOW: Circuit Breakers (4/14 8pm EST)

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    TONIGHT at 8pm EST, join DCG 201 as we test out a new LIVE STREAM show!

    Circuit Breakers is where we code to the metal, literally! Various DCG 201 Members familiar and old will take the spotlight on certain Wednesdays as we grab our soldering irons and prep our external pins for flashing software! We will cover everything from repairing old boards, trying out cool mods and building 1337 blinky haxxor tools from scratch! Find out when we broadcast by catching us on Social Media (https://linktr.ee/defcon201) and DEFCON201.org!

    On this episode, join #DCG201 Member @sirocyl for a deep dive on a Cidco MailStation internet appliance with z80 programming!

    Date: Various Wednesdays (2nd Episode 4/14)

    Time: 8:00 PM EST

    Location: ONLINE (SEE BELOW)

    Live Streams:

    Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/defcon201live

    dLive: https://dlive.tv/defcon201

    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYDQaOHbK5trRU2CDgb0qSg

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/defcon201/

    PeerTube: https://diode.zone/accounts/dc201/video-channels

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  • IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: DCG 201 Public Apology & Operations Moving Forward

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    PrivateBin Plaintext: https://bin.privacytools.io/?39bb7e0a7df5ac30#4eEZdzGF2yn2VKsy9QGvXvZQVFEjq2LYsxRRG7GoFnNw

    Medium Blog: https://defcon201.medium.com/important-announcement-dcg-201-public-apology-operations-moving-forward-2c84a10a660d


    This is Sidepocket, Co-Founder of DEFCON 201 aka DCG 201 as we are formally called.

    This is not an April Fool’s joke; the timing is full of irony but you will not hear us retract this.

    You know us to be blunt, as we are in New Jersey, so let us get to the point.

    You may have noticed that on our social media, we have been very vocal about multiple issues involving hacking and digital rights. The most recent one is our various members’ disagreement with the FSF’s (Free Software Foundation) decision to re-institute RMS (Richard Stallman) onto the board without any transparency, and the fallout from that.

    Recently, we made a post on our Twitter account that called out Eli The Computer guy, a tech YouTuber, for his views. We made a post attempting to let it be known that our organization does not want to be associated with any partnership or event going forward that involves this individual. We sadly did not properly convey that message. The message was crass, inflammatory and caused more problems than it solved.

    We made a mistake. We’re sorry.

    My primary role in DCG 201 is to two-fold, and one of those roles is to be in charge of — and responsible for — the PR. We made a huge blunder on our social media, so we wanted to make these points clear:

    1) As the primary hacker in charge of the PR for DCG 201, I do apologize for the crassness of the Tweet to Mr. Eli and those who read it. I may disagree with people on many points, both personally and along with our group, but as the social media representative for DCG 201, we should have not used the language that we used, and we apologize for that. I apologize for that.

    2) This apology is aimed towards our DCG 201 Members and our fans, both locally and on social media. We know how much you love our content and our hacks, and we love you for it too. ❤ And I — as does the rest of DCG 201 — believe that you deserve BETTER, especially with regards to the quality control on our social media presence, and that of the posts we have done over the years.

    3) It’s the hacker way to learn and improve. We recently have made a post on our social media to form a positive way of expressing our/your frustration and anger over the issues. We want to continue this thread by being constructive, not attacking, for all future posts and content. Punching up, not down, and supporting our stance with guided opinions, not crass declarations and reactionary, inflammatory or bait-ridden shitposts.

    4) We apologize to DEF CON and all other DCGs (DEF CON Groups) who had suffered due to our words and actions. Even though we are not part of core DEF CON — and we continue to remind people of that fact — at the end of the day, DEF CON has graciously allowed us to continue to use part of their namesake in our operations. (It’s the primary reason why we are not completely copyleft with our branding.) We feel we let DEF CON and DEFCON Groups down because of our past inflammatory posts. We have learned, we will do better.

    To reiterate: it is part of the hacker way to learn from mistakes, analyze the problem, and then build steps to rectify the issue. The first step to solving the problem is to acknowledge that there is a problem. This is us acknowledging that problem. We have seen, firsthand in many cases — orgs that lack transparency, lack accountability, and try to treat bugs as features. We are not, and will not be, that type of organization. Yes, our members do critique the current hacker events and news, and having constructive criticism goes a long way — but there are better ways of doing it, and we want to do those better ways going forward.

    One of the ways we are going to prove we are moving forward is that I, Co-Founder of DCG 201, am stepping...

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  • DEFCON 201 Online Meet Up - March 2021 - Four F%&king Years

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    Date: March 19th, Friday

    Time: 6:00 PM EST — ???

    Location: ONLINE (SEE BELOW)


    Meet-Up: https://www.meetup.com/DEFCON201/events/276922974/

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/266458234974454/

    Write.As [TOR]: http://writeas7pm7rcdqg.onion/defcon201/defcon-201-online-meet-up-march-2021-four-f-andking-years

    Hackaday: TBA


    Welcome to the March 2021 DEFCON 201 Meet Up…

    …and our Four Year Anniversary!

    Four Years! FOUR F%&ING YEARS! This makes us the longest incarnation of the 201 Area DEF CON Group after the last group of goobers dropped it like a hot rock.

    We are going to party like it’s 1995 because now that we know that there is a (hopefully soon to be over) plague out unlike last time we in the immortal words of a moron will “do it live” on the DEFCON 201 LIVE Stream! This month we are going to make YOU the focus of the event along with special guests from all over the hacker world to drink, play, and hack our way into a new year of Dirty Jersey!

    All activities, chats, talks, workshops and DC 201 insanity will be broadcasted online via our LIVE STREAMS per the new normal!

    Live Streams:

    Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/defcon201live

    dLive: https://dlive.tv/defcon201

    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYDQaOHbK5trRU2CDgb0qSg

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/defcon201/

    PeerTube: https://diode.zone/accounts/dc201/video-channels


    If you like to do a talk at our meet ups our collaborate with our staff and members in a project partnership shoot us a email at:

    INFO {at} DEFCON201 [DOT] ORG



    6:00pm — 6:33pm 

     PRE SHOW :: This Is New Jersey (1956)

    6:30pm — 7:03pm 

     PRE SHOW :: Hacker Tunes (TBA)

    7:03pm — 7:05pm 

     DEFCON 201 Announcements

    7:05pm — 7:30pm 

     Slipping A Mickey: The Strange OSINT Iceberg of The Walt Disney Corporation — Sidepocket

    7:30pm — ???

     Open Workshops: DEFCON 201 Show & Tell + 4.0 Year Anniversary Party


    DC201 Hacker Show & Tell — Everyone DC201

    VidHug — Everyone

    Folding@Home VS Coronavirus (Team: 241960) — GI Jack, Everyone Among Us — Everyone


    PRE SHOW: Hacker Tunes

    :..>We at DEFCON 201 are honored to have the reigning queen of hacker beats, Miss DJ Jackalope, to do a 30 minute music set for our anniversary!

    :..>Bio: DEF CON Resident DJ, creator of Miss Jackalope custom vinyl clothing and decals, and pro cat herder. She spins DNB and some future house to make folks smile. Tunes are supposed to be fun, that’s why I’m here! Jackalope can be found at Twitter @Miss Jackalope | Twitch.tv/missjackalope | Mixcloud.com/djjackalope Cheers and congrats DC201 on 4 years!

    PRE SHOW: This Is New Jersey (1956)

    :..>This Technicolor color film was produced in 1956 for the New Jersey Bell Telephone Company, and based on a 1953 John T. Cunningham book This is New Jersey.

    DEFCON 201 Announcements & Code of Conduct

    :..>DEFCON 201 will have a quick recap of our entire March 2020 to March 2021 run and exciting announcements for 2021! In addition, we will have an overview of the Code of Conduct linked on our website.

    Slipping A Mickey: The Strange OSINT Iceberg of The Walt Disney Corporation — Sidepocket

    :..>Even if you live under a rock, everyone on planet earth has heard of M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E and the Walt Disney empire that has managed to copyright three circles. Starting back in the 1950’s with it’s engineering breakthroughs and it’s groundbreaking theme park, the Walt Disney Corporation has always used the latest technology to shake down people’s wallets. In this talk, we will go through...

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