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Things I've Built

Plex Server

Found a $24 E-machine micro-atx motherboard on Amazon, paired with recycled hard drives, unactivated Windows, a discount case, and recycled parts. $60 home NAS running Plex Media Server and Google Drive.

Maple Cutting Board

Handmade maple cutting board that I made as a gift for my wife.

Wok and Roll

Modified a Coleman propane stove to create a 20,000 BTU flame. Great for the intense heat required for stir fry.

Stetson Holder

Made this as a gift for a friend.

Recycled Bike Trainer

Got an old school fixie bike, restored it and turned it into a bike trainer for my wife.

Raspberry Pi Mini Laptop

Followed this guide:

Lathe Restoration

This lathe was manufactured in 1935ish. I bought it for $50 and restored it. A very simple machine, and in great condition now. The original electric motor still works, I just wired a new switch.

Jeep Lift

Flatlander's lift! I did it myself but I did buy the parts... I guess it just looks too good to not post it.

Handmade Table

First project using pocket holes. Square is a very important concept in building.

Google Cardbaord

Made my own google cardboard! I frequently pair it with VRidge Riftcat, and my Galaxy S9 to play games in VR. I highly recommend this guide to setup:

Custom Chef Knife

Took a Chinese Cleaver, ground a wave pattern on top, metal etched some waves and my name on it. Then installed a handmade cherry handle.

Jeep Bumper Fix

I bought a bare metal bumper for my Jeep, Flatlander, and painted and applied undercoat a few years ago. I did such a horrible job I had to redo it! I built this frame and hoisted it up for easier reinstall and painting.

Bandsaw Restoration

Restored a 1980s Craftsman 12" Bandsaw and Sander. Works great now!

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