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    This seems like a good spot to post updates that are relevant to my projects but which might not fully belong on project pages. We shall see!

    May 30, 2020

    VCO Audio Demo

    Last night, I hooked three things together: my oscillator(s), my reed switch "keyboard," and my voltage divider. Actually, four things: I had also slapped together an LM386-based amplifier inside a former record player suitcase, mainly because I though it just looked cool. All of that, plus some re-purposed DC power thingies (5-6V) and some dollar store audio cables, whilst sitting on my living room floor, annoying my family members. Or, does it even bother them anymore? It certainly does not surprise them to find me squeezing sounds out of electronic nonsense on a regular basis. In any case, here's what it went like:

  • Walking it Back

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    I shall dedicate this page to the documentation of my self-corrections. As situations present themselves and seem to merit more data, I'll add sections.

    Not Actually a Square Wave at All

    Regarding a recent oscillator project, which I had been calling a "square wave" generator, until I learned that I'd made a minor error. Thanks, Heiko, for some very important clarifications!

    Waveforms using Arturia Keystep

    Here (above), you can see an unadulterated view of my oscillator's output at its flattest. Below, note the differences when I play a sequence through the "CV Pitch" out of the Keystep: