Helen from Do It Kits

Hello! I'm Helen and I run a start up called Do It Kits, for educators who like technology, science, geography and making stuff.

London, England
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This user joined on 07/28/2016.

Things I've Built

One string electric guitar (diddly bow)

Made with a humbucker pick up. I play it with two slides and it sounds great. I also made the (now broken due to bourbon) table in the picture.

Little analogue synth

Makes a filthy noise when I plug it into my tremelo pedal and guitar amp.

Laptop stand thingy

Thingy that holds up my laptop so I can stand up while I work. Made by lasers.

Disco bird microclimate weather station

Tiny IOT weather station using Arduino. Made for a nerdy festival and later some teachers. Used to teach hyper local weather and climate modelling.

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