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6502Nerd wrote 12/31/2016 at 01:07 point

By way of a quick update, see the main project pages - dflat is basically done and I have created both an invaders and Tetris game to demo the language features 🙂

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6502Nerd wrote 06/23/2015 at 21:37 point

I realised this bits section had not been updated for a few months so was way out of date with the rest of the project updates.

I am not far off having a complete system of hardware and software.  The things on my to-do list include:

Hardware: Memory bank implementation to make use of the 64K of memory available

Software: Complete the dflat interpreter (some additional language constructs but mainly features to support graphics and sound)

I will continue to focus on software, which is actually the part that has taken up most of the time in the overall project.  This is interesting, as it reminds me of an interview I read back in the 80s with the hardware designer of the Sinclair QL - he pointed out that hardware was nothing without the software.  This is exactly what I have found.

Once I get to a good enough place, I will write a demo to show the capabilities of the interpreter (which runs quite fast), as well as a pure machine code demo.  I am thinking a couple of games will do this - something like a simple space invaders clone or tetris.

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