Gabriel F

Network technician that enjoys electronics, robot building and programming in his free time.

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This user joined on 02/21/2014.

Things I've Built

Perfected Titan

Minisumo that competed in Robot-SM 2012, it didn't make its way past the group plays. Controlled by an Atmega328 with Fingertech motors and Cobra wheels.

Sinus wave

Winner of the swedish line following championship, controlled by a PID-loop, horrible PCB. It was so close to its limits it had to run the track in "reverse" to get around, but it won.


Really Awesome Line Follower; A not so awesome linefollower for Stockholm Robot Championship 2011. Pololu line sensors and an Arduino Mega for controller, body made out of wood and an old CDROM-tray, Tamiya gearbox for movement... it wasn't fast


This is a CNC I've built with a friend. It's mainly meant for routing PCBs but can handle aluminium and wood as well


This was the first robot I built, I built him for the pentathlon class in Robot-SM of 2011. I finished the code on the night before the competition, so I ended up second to last. K.L.A.S stands of course for Killer Laser Attack System.

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