Edison Chen

A technology enthusiast who devotes to combine the knowledge of both hardware and software to build cool things

Pasadena, California
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Things I've Built

Mobile Adaptive Image Search with MVC framework

Created a web application to do image search using Servlets, JSP and MVC framework. The application has different versions on distinct devices including laptop and mobile.

Genetic Programming with Java

Developed a Java program to optimize the fitting parameters by making multiple generations of random binary trees, crossover, and choosing the one with the best fitness value.

Distributed Systems for Spy Detection with Java/J2EE

Built a Server/Client program using TCP protocol to transmit encrypted information and updated dynamically the geographic coordinate of fictional spies on Google Earth.

Social Media Insight with D3.js

Tracked personal data regarding one week usage of social media. Used powerful D3 library of JavaScript to display the results and gained some insights of particular usage patterns. Also built an interactive interface for viewers.

Big Data Visualization with Python

Used Python to retrieve data from an animal service center. Created and deployed a google application to visualize the current status of stray dogs.

C+U House

Designed a special unit house accompanied with the computer-based high technology equipment, which can be flexibly placed in the wasted places. It offers a perfect solution to the resident problems in the city.

Digital Signal Processing Application

Wrote a program to process the measurement data. The objective is to transfer the raw data into absolute depth information, then to make visualizations and display the potential defects.

Robotic-like Two-Dimensional Scanning Machine

The objective is to develop an automatic scanning machine to efficiently detect the location of defect inside a target structure. The systems consist of two stepper motors, a piezoelectric sensor and an ejector that can produce stress wave.

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Johnny wrote 05/08/2015 at 03:32 point

Thank you for the Skull and for the interest in my ESP8266 WIFI Mains Power Dimmer / Switch project

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