Edras Pacola

Electronic Engineer with two little daughters wanting to play in my Lab with my tools, scope, and everything else.

Curitiba, Brazil
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This user joined on 07/10/2014.

Things I've Built


Pergola/Trellis projected and made by myself in my House using the woods remaining from the House construction! I am proud of it!


Wireless home automation system using PIC and CC2500 for dimming and control of loads plugged on it.


Java program to help neurologists to read EEG data, select, sort and classify spikes in EEG recordings.


Textile Printer with 1,60m developed for Saturno Ink Company in Brazil using water based ink.

RaspberryPi Home Automation

Raspberry Pi Controlling many things in my home. Printer, Scanner, Backup Files, MPD, DLNA, Water pumps, securtiy system and other things in my home.


A 555 based short movie viewer. You can record a short movie, pass it through a Software and then print the disk. The Hardware read the marks on the disk and flashes a LED row exactly over the picture. Voilá, you have a movie! My kids loved it!

Digital Scale protocol converter

A PIC Based (inside the serial cable) protocol converter between a Digital Scale and a Legacy System. The new Digital Scale talks in Kg and the Legacy System understands just grams.

Saturno SonicJet

3,20m printer using solvent Ink. Project Developed for Saturno Ink Company in Brazil.

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