We will be brainstorming ideas for the Hackaday concept challenge all day from 10AM - 9PM.

We'll be focusing on AUTOMATION

We will work with pencil, paper and electrons to submit a winning idea:

Idea + image + documentation

  1. Project Profile. Create a project profile on Hackaday.io, completing all required fields and following all instructions.
  2. Discuss the challenge which has been chosen as the subject of the project
  3. Discuss how this challenge will work to alleviate or solve the problem
  4. Publish at least one image to help illustrate how the project might be used. This may be a sketch, schematic, flow chart, rendering, or other type of image.
  5. Link to any repositories (e.g., GitHub)
  6. Document all open-source licenses and permissions as well as any applicable third-party licenses/restrictions
  7. Submit the Project to 2016 Hackaday Prize.

See challenge details here: https://hackaday.io/prize/details#one