Hackaday World Create - Cranfield

A meetup of students, staff, and guests to find out about new methods and advances and discuss projects for the Hackaday Prize

Saturday, April 23, 2016 12:00 pm BST - Saturday, April 23, 2016 05:00 pm BST Local time zone:
Forum, Building 52, Cranfield University, MK43 0AL
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Create tech solutions for social change on Hackaday World Create Day, our worldwide brainstorming session for the 2016 Hackaday Prize design concept challenge! Join teams from around the globe and submit ideas for projects that solve problems in categories from citizen science to assistive technologies, or anything else that leverages your hardware, coding, scientific, design and mechanical skills.

We’ll be picking the most spectacular design solutions to share on the Hackaday front page, and there will be prizes. But we also want to celebrate the fun of getting together in person with all of the people who make Hackaday a part of their daily ritual, so share your photos and ideas with hashtag #WorldCreateDay!

The Goal:

Form a team (or work on your own) and submit a project to the Hackaday Prize design challenge.See challenge details here:

Need some inspiration for your project? Here are some ideas:

  • Citizen Science - Build a graphene supercapacitor, study the effects of a behavior, build an open source instrumentation device.
  • Automation - Build a device that makes breakfast or buys laundry detergent when you’re running low. Automatically track stuff, automate any process, build a Me-robot to do your every whim
  • Assistive technologies - Build a project that helps others move better, see better, or live better. Whether that means exoskeletons, a better wheelchair, a braille display, or educational software, we want to see it.
  • Or any other idea you have to hack for social change! Leverage your talent and find solutions to address technology issues facing humanity today.

Cranfield Specific Topics

  • Tools to help maintainers deal more effectively with No Fault Found issues without increasing their cognitive burden
  • Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing for revolutionary structures
  • Unmanned Aircraft

Google Map link to meeting location Whittle Building(Building 52) Forum

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