Hackaday World Create Day 2016 Thessaloniki at Coho

or "HWCD2TC" for short

We're celebrating World Create Day, a made-up holiday, on the 23rd of April as an excuse to get together with other hardware (or whatever, really) hackers and talk shop. The fiesta will be hosted at Coho at 11 am on Saturday morning, so no late-night Friday parties.

The goal

We want people to form teams (or a team, or on their own) and submit a project to the Hackaday Prize design challenge. Details on the challenge are on Hackaday, here: https://hackaday.io/prize/details

If you need inspiration, we got you covered. We will present ideas that have already been submitted, just to get you going and in the mood.

Some preliminary areas of inspiration are:

  • Automation - Have you made a virtual butler to cater to your every whim? Did you inadvertently bring your house to life and now it's trying to kick you out of itself? Does your toaster write poems in its spare time? Then you need an ethicist, because you have bigger problems, but we'd like to hear about how you did it.
  • Assistive technologies - If you've built something that helps people hear, see, move or live better, it's worth discussing. If you have a five-meter mecha with gatling guns for arms and cannons for legs, please leave it at home, but do bring a video with you.
  • Science - Have you made something cool with materials? Have you discovered a compound that makes all water that comes in contact with it freeze and spreads until Earth is a barren, frozen wasteland? You need to destroy it right now, possibly by launching it into space, but maybe you can tell us about why your hand is now frozen.
  • General - We're grasping at straws here, so come with whatever you've made that's cool and that we will want to discuss.

The agenda

We will start with a short presentation of what the Hackaday prize is, and how we can apply, followed by a short presentation of cool ideas from contestants all over the world. Afterwards, we will present some of your creations, so we'll need you to have a few photos, or a video, or a description, or something that we can show other people. After this presentation, we'll all brainstorm new ideas and discuss them.

What to bring

  • Your laptop
  • At least one cool thing you've made, or photos or videos of it, or some other way of showing it quickly to the others

What's provided

  • Wifi
  • Power
  • A shoulder to cry on

We're looking forward to seeing you there!

Register for the meetup here: http://www.meetup.com/Hackaday-Thessaloniki/