Create tech solutions for social change on Hackaday World Create Day, our worldwide brainstorming session for the 2016 Hackaday Prize design concept challenge! Join a team from Omaha, Nebraska, and submit ideas for projects that solve problems in categories from citizen science to assistive technologies, or anything else that leverages your hardware, coding, scientific, design and mechanical skills.

  • The space will be opening at 9 AM. We'll start by giving some tours of the space to newcomers.
  • At 10 AM, we'll go over the challenge concept and rules, and start brainstorming ideas. We can fracture into smaller teams if we get multiple ideas.
  • By 11 AM, we should be well in the swing of things!
  • For lunch, there are a few nearby food options, so you can head out on your own if you like, but we will be providing food from somewhere so we don't have to stop working.
  • The space will be open at least until 4 PM. If there are full members of OMG available, we can be open as long as they're there.