Tindie / Hackaday Bring-a-Hack Happy Hour

Tindie / Hackaday Bring-a-Hack Happy Hour: Friday, 6-8pm at OxHack Village

Friday, August 5, 2016 06:00 pm CET Local time zone:
OxHack Village, EMF Festival
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'Come one, come all, and Bring-A-Hack! Hosted in the OxHack main tent, we invite people to bring their hacks to show and let us know what you'll be up to over the EMF weekend.

We'd especially love to see Hackaday Prize entries, projects on and items in the flesh, but all projects are welcome. Contributing writers from Hackaday & the Tindie Blog will be there and we can't wait to see what you'll bring!'

We'll have Hackaday swag -Omnibus, pins and stickers + Tindie stickers and pins.

Snacks and pints of beer will be served.

Spencer will be there - - @ZXSpectROM (@semachthemonkey).

Hosted by @Jasmine Brackett and @JennyLind

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