Logic Noise Transcript

A event log for Logic Noise Hack Chat

In this chat we'll be talking about the kinds of sounds you can make from logic chips. Let's make a chip tunes orchestra together!

Sophi KravitzSophi Kravitz 06/01/2018 at 20:000 Comments

Hello! If you're here for the Hack Chat, put your questions in the comments of this page:

but this week, we'll be doing something a little different. Less questions, more listening


Ted YapoJun-1 2:48 PM
@ðeshipu forgot to mention you on that

we'll start the chat a few minutes after the hour

ðeshipuJun-1 2:49 PM
I don't actually know the impedance of my speaker

Ted YapoJun-1 2:49 PM
that analysis also assumes a 5V supply

ðeshipuJun-1 2:50 PM
3.3V supply here

Ted YapoJun-1 2:50 PM
you should check.  a 64-ohm speaker won't be loud from that amp, most likely

ðeshipuJun-1 2:50 PM
I use this:

ðeshipuJun-1 2:50 PM
it's quite loud with that amp

Ted YapoJun-1 2:51 PM
is it a speaker or buzzer?

ðeshipuJun-1 2:51 PM
passive buzzer

ðeshipuJun-1 2:51 PM
so basically a speaker with non-linear response

Ted YapoJun-1 2:52 PM
3V/120mA looks like 25 ohms

Frank BussJun-1 2:53 PM
it says "electromagnetic", but looks like a piezo speaker

ðeshipuJun-1 2:53 PM
it's electronmagnetic

ðeshipuJun-1 2:53 PM
I disassembled a few

Ted YapoJun-1 2:53 PM
anyway, it looks like you need a sizeable fixed resistor on top of the pot, so the loading on the DAC should be fine

ðeshipuJun-1 2:53 PM
because they forgot to plug that hole before washing them after assembly, so they rusted inside

Ted YapoJun-1 2:53 PM
you may need to experiment with the resistor value

Boian MitovJun-1 2:54 PM
Hello everyone :-)

Frank BussJun-1 2:54 PM
can you hear something with like 200 Hz sine wave? I tried this with a piezo speaker, and it is basically silent at frequencies below 1 kHz

Frank BussJun-1 2:55 PM
the lower the more silent :-)

AlexJun-1 2:55 PM

HI Alex!

Boian MitovJun-1 2:55 PM
Well... isn't that exactly the way the sensitivity curve of the ear works?
I mean for a fixed amplitude....
Patrick DiJusto joined  the room.Jun-1 2:56 PM

Frank BussJun-1 2:56 PM
I can hear a magnetic speaker fine with the same amplitude

Boian MitovJun-1 2:56 PM
for low frequencies this is most likely too small amplitude to be able to hear

Boian MitovJun-1 2:56 PM
not sure then :-(

WooDWorkeRJun-1 2:56 PM
@Frank Buss iirc  lower freqencies need more power to be heard equaly loud then higher

Boian MitovJun-1 2:57 PM
what is the diameter of the magnetics ?

@Elliot Williams welcome! we'll start in 7 minutes
Robley Williams joined  the room.Jun-1 2:57 PM

Boian MitovJun-1 2:57 PM
It is also matter of how much air volume gets moved

Frank BussJun-1 2:57 PM
right, it is the piezo effect, acts like a capacitor, needs higher voltage for the same power

ðeshipuJun-1 2:58 PM
@Boian Mitov 3mm

Boian MitovJun-1 2:58 PM
3mm diameter of the magnetic...?

Boian MitovJun-1 2:58 PM
the membrane ?

Boian MitovJun-1 2:59 PM
Hello @Sophi Kravitz  :-)

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:00 PM
Hey all!  For fun, I'll be running a sound stream and taking requests (when feasible) as we go.

Tune in to to hear along.

!!!! EXCITING !!!! our first Hack Chat with sound

Boian MitovJun-1 3:00 PM
Cool! :-)

let's start in about 4 minutes tho, give more people a chance to get here
fresal joined  the room.Jun-1 3:00 PM

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:00 PM
See if you can crash my Icecast server!  :)


this sounds great!

Robley WilliamsJun-1 3:02 PM
Cool melody!

ðeshipuJun-1 3:03 PM

Adam Vadala-RothJun-1 3:03 PM
hello hello!!!

ðeshipuJun-1 3:03 PM
@Boian Mitov it looks like this inside (next to the switch) --^

ðeshipuJun-1 3:03 PM
after removing the case and the membrane

Boian MitovJun-1 3:03 PM
@ðeshipu Nice...! :-)

Adam Vadala-RothJun-1 3:04 PM
its synth time

ðeshipuJun-1 3:04 PM
that's the rusty one, of course

ðeshipuJun-1 3:04 PM
I made a photo to show the people in the fab

Ted YapoJun-1 3:04 PM
it's always synth time

I's the OFFICIAL synth time

ðeshipuJun-1 3:04 PM
sorry, I'm shutting up now

WooDWorkeRJun-1 3:04 PM
LO FI!!!!

welcome @Elliot Williams !

ðeshipuJun-1 3:04 PM
thanks for help everyone

PLease introduce yourself

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:05 PM
Hi everyone!  I'm Elliot, and I've been reading Hackaday for something like 13 years now.  :) joined  the room.Jun-1 3:06 PM

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:06 PM
It fooled me into founding a hackerspace, getting involved in the whole scene in general, dropping out of my lucrative day job with the government, and now I work here.

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:07 PM
I've been playing around with small noisemakers for about that long, too.

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:08 PM
And it turns out that there's a significantly longer tradition of making music with ICs, but it's actually been since the Internet that it's really taken off...  as far as it's taken off. :)

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:09 PM
A few years ago, I decided to write down what I've found / been playing around with, and the Logic Noise series here was born.

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:09 PM
My goal: to get you plugging logic chips into a breadboard, sticking them into amplified speakers, and seeing what happens.

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:10 PM
I always run out of time at the end, and never get to post my references, which is a shame.  Standing on the shoulders and all that. So I thought I'd preempt things this time and just go straight to the bibliography.

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:10 PM
Most of what I know about logic-based noisemakers I learned from electro-music.
Electro-Music Lunetta Forum
  Check out: Phobos, synaesthesia, slacker -- they've done/are doing some cool stuff.
David Carr joined  the room.Jun-1 3:10 PM

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:11 PM
Here are three artists who are inspirational in this scene:
Stanley Lunetta
David Tudor
Peter Vogel
 There's a bio movie about Peter Vogel on YouTube -- he was a hero of mine since forever -- it's a good watch.

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:11 PM
There's this book.  I have the first edition, which is a little basic, but the second edition is supposed to be a lot meatier.
Nicolas Collins

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:11 PM
Check out some of Eric Archer's old projects
Eric" class="redactor-linkify-object">">Eric Archer's Projects

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:12 PM
And if you're listening to the audio stream ( it's a circuit of mine which is basically an improvment on the Melody Generator:

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:13 PM
So there's a ton of links for later.  Let's start chatting!
Jon joined  the room.Jun-1 3:14 PM

ðeshipuJun-1 3:14 PM
the melody broke :)

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:14 PM
It was driving me nuts.  :)

kory.ioJun-1 3:15 PM
So it's a stream. That's why downloading it didn't really work out

ðeshipuJun-1 3:15 PM
it's driving my gf nuts right now

WooDWorkeRJun-1 3:15 PM
not just you

David CarrJun-1 3:15 PM
Just a shout out to Elliot for putting this learning path together.


I love it

WooDWorkeRJun-1 3:15 PM
@ðeshipu was forced by my gf to put on headphones

If you have Qs, put them in the comment here:

First question!

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:16 PM
It's really on the edge of music / random.  It's got just enought structure in the circuitry to be "musical" but I'm not sure it holds up for 1/2 hour.

from @Frank Buss :: What's the point of using logic ICs for sound synthesis, if you can do it all in even small microcontrollers, and much better?

... and there's a lot of discussion under Frank's question :)

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:17 PM
Right?  Mainly, it's a lot more fun.  And by fun I mean interactive.  The code/flash/listen loop is very long compared to the "plug and listen" loop.  It's more playful to do it with hardware.

Frank BussJun-1 3:18 PM
there are virtual modular systems on PC

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:18 PM
But actually, there's other reasons.  Even trying to keep track of a few simultaneous pitches in firmware will get you -- see the article from last Friday on Top-Octave Generators.  Essentially, you have to do it in hardware on the microcontroller anyway.

ðeshipuJun-1 3:18 PM
@WooDWorkeR me too

Frank BussJun-1 3:19 PM
I've done a 10 tone polyphonic synth on a STM32F4, with 44 kHz samplerate, 16 bit stereo

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:19 PM
Indeed!  And they're very good at what they're good at.  But they can't do anything else. When you're given a stack of chips, you _can_ do anything.  Getting it to do something obvious, on the other hand, is harder.

WooDWorkeRJun-1 3:19 PM
but there are also musical live coding systems like Sonic Pi where you type and the system wil evaluate your code live

Frank BussJun-1 3:20 PM
add more microcontrollers, and you can do anything as well :-)

WooDWorkeRJun-1 3:20 PM
and doing music one way does by no mean doing it another way is wrong - as music is more an expression as a engeneering thing

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:20 PM
@Frank: Have you tried making noise-making circuits out of hardware too?

Frank BussJun-1 3:21 PM
yes, with a 555 once

ðeshipuJun-1 3:21 PM
hmm, that could be a nice project idea — blocks with microcontrollers on them doing some more interesting things that those logic chips, but connected in similar way

David CarrJun-1 3:21 PM
Put the two worlds together.

Frank BussJun-1 3:21 PM


A 555 Synthesizer
Inspired by the memory of a childhood electronics kit, [Frank] decided to make a new 555 Synthesizer and enter it into the 555 contest. [Frank's] remake is played with a stylus, and sports an attack and release envelope circuit, housed in a quick but effective acrylic case.

Read this on Hackaday

WooDWorkeRJun-1 3:21 PM


kaustic machines
kaustic machines

Read this on Kaustic

WooDWorkeRJun-1 3:21 PM
my first musical thing i ever build

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:22 PM
@ðeshipu  exactly: Sequencing, for instance, is probably pretty reasonably done on a microontroller.

JonJun-1 3:22 PM
Where would those fall in this universe: blending "simple" logic with slightly more advanced (but relatively simple) microelectronics?

Frank BussJun-1 3:22 PM
but it is boring and hard, in software it is much easier, at least for me, and more predictable

WooDWorkeRJun-1 3:23 PM
@ðeshipu basically every eurorack system ever tehre are pure analog modules, digital modules, mixed stuff

Frank BussJun-1 3:23 PM
anything interesting is impossible with hardware, like reverb

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:23 PM
More predictable is another problem with firmware.  :)

Frank BussJun-1 3:23 PM
or really complicated

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:24 PM
For me, for instance, one source of constant inspiration is just shoving data/clocks into a shift register, and maybe letting them circulate around.  The freedom to simply pull off a couple taps with a wire and experiment is pretty nice.

ðeshipuJun-1 3:25 PM
there used to be those magnetic tape-based reverb modules...

WooDWorkeRJun-1 3:25 PM
or spring reverb or plate reverb

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:25 PM
Reverb is awesome!  I'll totally admit that when I do it, I do it digital  :)

WooDWorkeRJun-1 3:26 PM


DIY Spring Reverb
I recently spent some time at my parent's place. As I opened an old box I found one of those toy echo mics. This gave me the idea to build a small homemade spring reverb! But how does it SOUND!?!?! Glad you asked. Like this.

Read this on

WooDWorkeRJun-1 3:26 PM
just needs space

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:27 PM
But to close up on firmware vs hardware: the number of parameters and the ability to tweak them with firmware is often limited.  It's limited by how much flexibility you've thought (ahead of time) to code into the device, and how many potentiometers you've added.

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:28 PM
If the physical device is sitting there in front of you, you're looking at hundreds of pins, you know what each does, and you can interconnect them immediately by pulling out a single wire.  It's completely open.

Frank BussJun-1 3:28 PM
usually I simulate firmware on a PC first, e.g. with Qt as a graphical GUI, then just implement the hardware related stuff on a microcontroller

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:28 PM
OK, can we talk about the Melody Generator circuit real quck so I can put something else on?  :)

David CarrJun-1 3:29 PM
Is the PT2399 the easiest path to reverb?

WooDWorkeRJun-1 3:29 PM
with no software yes

I would like to hear a new tune

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:30 PM
PT2399 is good fun!  I've built up the circuit from Runoff Groove....

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:31 PM
Let's see what else I've got.  In the talk in Belgrade, I wanted to demo a 4089 frequency multiplier chip, because it's just crazy.

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:31 PM
It used to be used to multiply by first dividing a reference frequency by 16 and then filling in the gaps.  You can cascade them to get all sorts of strange fractions with 16 or 256 in the denominator.

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:32 PM
But it also makes for fun drumming patterns...

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:34 PM
If you're listening, I've just set up the bass to a clock, and the frequency divider to a faster version of the same clock

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:34 PM
to the snare.

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:35 PM
Now by selecting more beats on the CD4089, you can get more snare hits

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:35 PM
By tweaking the reset, you can move around where it hits in the bar.

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:36 PM

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:37 PM
Here's out of the datasheet.  Right now, it has line D active -- playing eight beats per 16

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:37 PM
but if you add in some of the higher beats, it gets interesting

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:37 PM
Here is 8 + 2

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:37 PM

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:38 PM
By messing around with the reset line, you can offset the two in interesting ways

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:38 PM
And by adding swing back into the master clock, you can make it sound even more "organic"?  Almost?

todbotJun-1 3:39 PM
Awesome. Who needs MCUs?  What's the sort of drone sound in the background?

Adam Vadala-RothJun-1 3:39 PM
I'd only use MCUs for presets

Adam Vadala-RothJun-1 3:39 PM
like my Korg Monologue

Adam Vadala-RothJun-1 3:40 PM
been following the whole chat btw , trying to think of a good question

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:40 PM
@Adam: yeah!  The "presets" that the CD4089 has are kinda limited.  It's just freaking insane that such a chip would exist, IMO.  :)

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:40 PM
(@todbot I think the drone is bleed-through with my janky home-made mixer.)

Adam Vadala-RothJun-1 3:40 PM
though presets are a double edged sword, I've done like zero sound design on my own

Adam Vadala-RothJun-1 3:41 PM
I tried to program a banjo patch and it just sounded like noise lol

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:41 PM
The circuit that's doing the "swing" is based on a 4017 counter -- which just raises one pin in sequence per clock step.

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:41 PM

Adam Vadala-RothJun-1 3:42 PM
so like nested clocks?

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:42 PM
So if you want arbitrary patterns, you just pick off your favorite beats off the 4017.

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:42 PM
Here, let's do triplets....

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:42 PM
Or something funnier.

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:43 PM
I'm just plugging wires at random and seeing what it sounds like. :)

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:43 PM
But somehow I got the Gasolina beat....

If you're looking for the link to listen:

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:44 PM
I suppose with practice, I could set the pins of the 4089 in ways to make live patterns...

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:45 PM
but it's still fun to just plug around.
jamisonpaul65 joined  the room.Jun-1 3:45 PM

kory.ioJun-1 3:45 PM
Patching stuff randomly. I usually do that too. The ICs for the klangorium will take a 3-4 weeks to arrive :(

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:45 PM
Yeah, so about the Klangorium.  (Hi Kory)

kory.ioJun-1 3:45 PM

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:46 PM
I made this big monolithic testbed for these kinds of circuits

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:46 PM
but I always find myself making more little bits and wishing I could add them on.

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:47 PM
Thus the second age-old tension in synth building.  A) Hardware / virtual B) Modular or monolithic?

kory.ioJun-1 3:47 PM

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:47 PM
If anyone's seen the Klangorium board, it has the advantage of being a ton of chips broken out, with headers galore

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:48 PM
But it's a big thing, and it's hard to add to.

kory.ioJun-1 3:48 PM
This is how the thing looks like

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:49 PM
Let me see if I can find something droney for the background....

kory.ioJun-1 3:49 PM

David CarrJun-1 3:49 PM
I'm trying to do it with separate modules and the same patch methodolgy.

Adam Vadala-RothJun-1 3:50 PM
you should start making Eurorack modules

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:50 PM
I like that approach, myself.

WooDWorkeRJun-1 3:50 PM
modular is always cool - because filters also work for control voltages :D and sound output can be a control voltage

Adam Vadala-RothJun-1 3:51 PM
@WooDWorkeR  which is why I want a semimodular next lol

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:51 PM
Modular is good, but then you have to think about interconnects and power supplies.  And that's expensive/boring. :)

todbotJun-1 3:51 PM
yay droney noises

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:52 PM
But there are some great ways around with logic noise type circuits.

WooDWorkeRJun-1 3:52 PM
@Adam Vadala-Roth lurking on for years now

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:52 PM
I use machine pins and those cheap e-bay breadboard cables for a lot.  I like the size.

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:53 PM
@todbot  for your listening pleasure: six "identical" triangle waves, amplified and mixed.  Part tolerance means they're all slightly out of tune.

jamisonpaul65Jun-1 3:53 PM
Hello friends

David CarrJun-1 3:53 PM
Daisychain guitar pedal power cords work well

WooDWorkeRJun-1 3:53 PM
@Elliot Williams how often did you thought about getting a Tymkrs Protosynth? or do you already own one?

Adam Vadala-RothJun-1 3:54 PM
I post in Synthesizer Freaks on facebook but I'll check out that place, I usually prefer forums but facebook has become the new forum for people

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:54 PM
I've seen the design.  It looks good. It's basically a breadboard + keyboard, right?

WooDWorkeRJun-1 3:54 PM

Adam Vadala-RothJun-1 3:54 PM
anyone build a x0xb0x ?

WooDWorkeRJun-1 3:54 PM

Adam Vadala-RothJun-1 3:54 PM
I got the board but havent started

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:55 PM
That's cool.

Adam Vadala-RothJun-1 3:55 PM
I want to design a 808 style faceplate lol

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:55 PM
I'm half tempted to do a "modular" approach: a bunch of Logic-Noisey modules on 50mm x 50mm boards.  Common layout for power pins, and that's it.

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:56 PM
Drum machines are awesome!

Adam Vadala-RothJun-1 3:56 PM

Adam Vadala-RothJun-1 3:56 PM
I got a Korg Volca beats

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:56 PM
The 808 schematics are floating around out there -- you can learn _a lot_ from them.

Adam Vadala-RothJun-1 3:56 PM
good call

jamisonpaul65Jun-1 3:56 PM
I am finding it difficult to upload my picture

Adam Vadala-RothJun-1 3:57 PM
I'm actually planning on buying Behringers 808 clone at the end of the year

kory.ioJun-1 3:57 PM
Do they have an 808 clone?

Adam Vadala-RothJun-1 3:57 PM
have you built any components of the circuit @Elliot Williams  ?

Adam Vadala-RothJun-1 3:57 PM
They announced it

Adam Vadala-RothJun-1 3:57 PM
its coming out

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:57 PM
Check out Eric Archer's DIY 808 resources here:

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:58 PM
I haven't built any 808 circuits directly, but the cowbell in Logic Noise was in the spirit

jamisonpaul65Jun-1 3:58 PM
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Adam Vadala-RothJun-1 3:58 PM
ah cool I'll have to look at both your schematic and the 808 ones

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:58 PM
The 808 bass is actually a bit complicated.  I'm trying to keep things simple.

kory.ioJun-1 3:58 PM
I've ordered the components for Eric Archer's 808 drums a few months ago (actually they are in my bag rn :) but haven't built them yet

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 3:59 PM
If you like space drums, the Cynare 3 circuit is a good one, too.

jamisonpaul65Jun-1 3:59 PM
Hello Elliot do I create hack site to Mate1 .com

WooDWorkeRJun-1 4:00 PM
i like the korg monotron series, they have published schematics and pretty good documented testpoints on the pcb - if you want to hack a working thing that isnt to expensive

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 4:00 PM


Star Synare 3
I copied this schematic from the original Star Synare 3 service manual. It splits the circuit up into its different sections in order to analyze them, I have redrawn it as a complete schematic so you can get an overall image of the design.

Read this on Clacktronics

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 4:00 PM
The Korg stuff is awesome.  Some of the mods people have done to the Monotron and similar are pretty cool too.  It was soooo great of them to publish the schematics.

kory.ioJun-1 4:01 PM
I tried to build a "hip bassdrum" on stripboard after 10 hours of work when I plugged it in it caught on fire. I won't try to build anything on stripboard for some time

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 4:01 PM
But yeah.  Drums / sequencers are a great place to get started, b/c all you need is a trigger pulse.  None of this complicated control voltage mess. :)

Frank BussJun-1 4:02 PM I always use a current limited power supply

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 4:02 PM
Run a simple oscillator into a counter or shift register, and you've got your pulses.  The rest is just building up cool voices.

WooDWorkeRJun-1 4:02 PM
and another point of inspiration is also the yearly Moog Circuit Bending Challenge

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 4:03 PM Literally on fire?  That's epic. I have a burn mark in my protoboard from when I tried to back-to-back two LM386s into a push-pull configuration.  Still don't really know what went wrong, but it melted the plastic. Chips still worked fine.

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 4:04 PM
I said this in the intro: Logic Noise is a gateway drug to hardcore DIY synth building.  :)

Richard HogbenJun-1 4:04 PM
you're doing it right when your bass drum is on fire :)

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 4:04 PM
So let me dump some great general-synth resources while I'm thinking of it.

kory.ioJun-1 4:04 PM
Yep, a wire literally caught fire and the TL072 kind of blew up

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 4:04 PM
Synth" class="redactor-linkify-object">">Synth DIY Mailing List Archives
Ken" class="redactor-linkify-object">">Ken Stone's Catgirl Synth
René Schmitz

WooDWorkeRJun-1 4:05 PM
@Elliot Williams and just to let you know standard german beer/mate crates have enough space for 2 rows of eurorack modules

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 4:05 PM
Use bigger gauge wire!  It'll only get warm.

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 4:06 PM
@woodworker: Yeah, so eurorack....  I know it's the dominant standard. But the knobs/connectors are all soooo small.

Frank BussJun-1 4:06 PM
this forum is good as well for DIY synths, but more eurorack related:

AlexJun-1 4:06 PM
@WooDWorkeR  thats a nice tip. Didn't know this

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 4:07 PM
I built yet-another synth standard: 150 mm tall modules, pots/etc spaced 25 mm.  All multiples of 20 mm wide, etc. Worse, I use banana jacks, b/c it looks like a 1970's science lab.

WooDWorkeRJun-1 4:07 PM
more a buchla with banana plugs or the big moog with 1/4" jacks?

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 4:08 PM
Muff's is definitely good news.  It's less heavy on the DIY than the buying, but it's definitely got both.  Some of the really cool stuff in software is done over there.

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 4:08 PM
@Richard Hogben Speaking of software modules: has everyone seen the Ornament & Crime?  (And everything done by Mutable Instruments?)

Hi everyone! I have to run. Here's the link to the transcript:

thank you so much @Elliot Williams :)

WooDWorkeRJun-1 4:08 PM

this was historic: our first chat with mucis

music ;P

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 4:09 PM


O_C - ornament+crime

Read this on GitHub

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 4:09 PM
These are the best DIY synth instructions I've ever seen!

Richard HogbenJun-1 4:09 PM

Frank BussJun-1 4:09 PM
I like the eurorack standard, this is my first DIY module :-)

Elliot WilliamsJun-1 4:10 PM
Thanks Sophi, and everyone else.  I'm gonna stick around and we can devolve into general synth chat if you want.