Join us for the July 2018 Hackaday LA Meetup! We'll welcome two expert speakers, meet with fellow hackers, pitch project ideas, and stay updated on all things Supplyframe, Hackaday, and Tindie.

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Featured Speakers: 

Erika Earl // 3D Audio, Ambisonics, & Interactive Embodied Sound Design

The implications of embodied audio processing represent a new way to interact with sound in a virtual volume of space. Using depth sensors, intuitive interfaces, and spatial audio, we can create more immersive and collaborative experiences. Using motion capture technology to spatialize audio in higher order ambisonics allows us to explore 3D audio in a new and engaging way.

Erika Earl is an Audio Engineer with over a decade of experience in designing, servicing, and maintaining audio electronics for professional recording studios. Her career highlights include Director of Hardware Engineering at Slate Digital, Head of Technology / Sr. Technical Engineer at LA's legendary Village Recording Studios, and a position on The Advisory Council for the Producers & Engineering Wing of The Recording Academy. Erika believes anyone with the desire, discipline, and a little imagination can create and build just about anything they want to.

Karen Yuen // A Perspective from Space

From the moment we open our eyes in the morning, we are remote sensing the world. We take in, process information and make daily decisions such as what to wear to whether we should be tackling the infamous LA traffic. From the unique vantage point of Space, we can see the world in ways that often go unnoticed or unmentioned. As the US space agency, NASA maintains a suite of satellites with different instruments that serve as our “eyes” in studying planet Earth, and we have been steadily collecting data for decades. This data serves as vital signs and records for the health of the planet, as well as discovering new facets of the complex living system that we call home.

Karen Yuen is the NASA Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 (OCO-2) Science Data Applications Lead, Project Communications Manager, and the NASA Deputy Program Associate for the upcoming OCO-3 on ISS. Her current project OCO-2 is NASA’s first dedicated satellite for measuring carbon dioxide from Space. Her current work is in data user development for applying remote sensing data to science applications, specifically for the Solar Induced Fluorescence (SIF) products from OCO-2. She began her career at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in 2001 and has received 8 NASA Group Achievement awards for her work on various missions. Yuen received her Bachelor’s degree with majors in Chemistry/Physics and French from Saint Mary’s College of Notre Dame. She pursued an MA in Scientific Journalism at New York University, while working as an Editorial Assistant for the journal “Neuroscience.” She continued her graduate studies in Organic Chemistry at Université de Paris-VI Jussieu and Université de Paris-V Rene Descartes.


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