Making Modular Hardware

Asaad Kaadan will join the Hack Chat to discuss building modular electronics!

Friday, July 27, 2018 12:00 pm PDT Local time zone:
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Assad Kaadan will be hosting the Hack Chat on Friday, July 27, 2018 at noon PDT. 

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Asaad Kaadan is an electronics engineer from Seattle, WA.  He builds robotics and high-end camera controllers for Freefly Systems by day and by night, he designs Hexabitz electronics prototyping modules. He holds a PhD and Masters in Electrical Engineering from University of Oklahoma and a Bachelor degree in Electronics from Aleppo University.


We will talk about the new modular electronics architecture used in Hexabitz where each module has its own microcontroller and modules connect together in a decentralized, wired-mesh network. The design offers more modularity and scalability than bus-based systems and is implemented with off-the-shelf small ARM Cortex-M0 MCUs using serial ports and DMAs.

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murray wrote 07/27/2018 at 19:51 point

How does the system cope with a module or a comms line failing? Does it dynamically reroute? is there a timeout? Are the participants alerted that the system is limping?

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murray wrote 07/27/2018 at 19:20 point

From the video it looks like the configuration is "found" once and after that the routing is static, is that the case? And is the system communicating in a active redundant way, ie along more than one path at a time?

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Stephen Tranovich wrote 07/27/2018 at 19:18 point

How did you choose which modules of your modular prototyping platform to develop first?

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Stephen Tranovich wrote 07/27/2018 at 19:10 point

What made you want to incorporate biomimicry into your hardware prototyping platform?

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tanel wrote 07/27/2018 at 19:09 point

Any recommendation for modular HW involving high speed and throughput sub-systems? We have used CAN and RS485 for different node based complex systems, but if video or lidars get into game then Ethernet and USB are still the only ones to go?

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Lutetium wrote 07/27/2018 at 19:03 point

Are there any use cases you anticipate a wired mesh network being more useful for solving than a simple one brain chip approach?

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murray wrote 07/27/2018 at 18:59 point

Why the chosen license as opposed to GPLV2 ? The project resembles a software comma library after all?

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