Hack Chat Transcript, Part 4

A event log for Python and the Internet of Things Hack Chat

The power of Python on microcontrollers

dan-maloneyDan Maloney 04/03/2019 at 20:080 Comments

Dan Maloney11:56 AM
Hi all - we'll get started in just a minute. Quite a turnout so far..

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deshipu12:50 PM
@jkshaffstall there is unicode support, we just got a Chinese translation

tannewt12:50 PM
@jkshaffstall UTF-8 should work

tannewt12:51 PM
we're still fixing trickier issues with it though

limor12:51 PM
yay python3 unicode! more bytes() but its worth it

deshipu12:51 PM
(though the Chinese translation uses pinyin)

Hendra Kusumah12:51 PM
Thanks to you too @Kattni and all the CP member for giving me a shot at it

jkshaffstall12:51 PM
Oh, right, Unicode, forgot, way cool guys... And yes, it is worth it. Old geezer here. That's why reference to ASCII...

limor12:52 PM
you can use ascii if ya like :) check the german translation has plenty-o nonascii chars

todbot12:52 PM
but really, when is CircuitPerl going to happen?

jkshaffstall12:52 PM
In transmitting, code and data are irrelevant.

delatorrecohen12:52 PM
are you planning to have another Hack Chat in the future?

Kattni12:52 PM
If you want to see what it's like to add translation strings, check out the Pirate translation!

Matt12:52 PM

deshipu12:52 PM

deshipu12:53 PM
(running on microcontrollers more powerful than the supercomputers it ran on originally)

jkshaffstall12:53 PM
Good choice Scott...:)

limor12:53 PM
python is not toooo different than perl :) i think the additions of python make it the best choice. i really love perl but writin' is on the wall

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Nicolas Tremblay12:53 PM
@deshipu LOL

happyday.mjohnson12:53 PM
@deshipu well, if you're going with CircuitCOBAL let's not forget CircuitFORTRAN

WRR12:53 PM
If Perl is the past and Python is the present, any thoughts on the future?

Dan Halbert12:53 PM
CircuitScheme !

jkshaffstall12:53 PM
Or CircuitBasic….

todbot12:53 PM
@limor haha yeah I only do Perl one-liners nowadays. I'm kinda sad for Perl

limor12:54 PM
there's already circuitscheme, golang, rust for the samd

deshipu12:54 PM
there is Forth, several lisps, lua and javascript

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pt12:54 PM


Overview | CircuitScheme - Lisp on CircuitPython | Adafruit Learning System

These provide a description of Lispy and a good introduction to the techniques and considerations of implementing another programming language in Python. This guide will not replicate the content of those papers. You may read them, then come back and see how we can use this in CircuitPython.

Read this on Adafruit

euchcat12:54 PM
Pascal ? :)

limor12:54 PM
note 6.001 ditched scheme for python

Dave Astels12:54 PM
I was following along but hadn't clicked "join"

limor12:54 PM
so that's that for me - i have to go where sussman says

euchcat12:54 PM
or ADA ? :))

tannewt12:54 PM
@WRR I think python is the future as well

deshipu12:54 PM
@euchcat there have to be some limits

pt12:55 PM
tinygo for circuit playground -

jkshaffstall12:55 PM
Is there a future for C++ ???

limor12:55 PM
python is the #1 growing language, used by kids, students, biologists, mathematicians...everyone

Dan Maloney12:55 PM
We've got about five minutes left. I've got the winners of the giveaway...

Kattni12:55 PM

limor12:55 PM
yayyy freee!

happyday.mjohnson12:55 PM
ooh ooh....did i win did i win????

Hendra Kusumah12:55 PM

EventHor1zon12:55 PM

David12:55 PM
give aways?

deshipu12:55 PM
@jkshaffstall languages don't die, there are still COBOL programmers hiding in the basements of swiss banks

Dan Maloney12:55 PM
Congratulations to:


@brian hughes

@Frank Buss


@bailey steinfadt

Please contact to make arrangements. Thanks to Adafruit for the prizes, and for the great Hack Chat.

pt12:55 PM

Kattni12:56 PM
Congrats all!

Bailey Steinfadt12:56 PM

pt12:56 PM
you each one a year of

limor12:56 PM
congrats folks!

Hendra Kusumah12:56 PM

happyday.mjohnson12:56 PM
congrats to the winners (and the rest of us too)

jkshaffstall12:56 PM
A basement? hmmm, just like me....

JustTheDazz12:56 PM
Congrats to the winners!

EventHor1zon12:56 PM
we're allwinners here

delatorrecohen12:56 PM
there's lot of really good information in this chat thread... would all these info be available for later view..?

Dave Astels12:56 PM
C is more predictable than C++

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Frank Buss12:56 PM
nice, what did I win?

David12:56 PM

euchcat12:56 PM
arf !

limor12:56 PM
we still support C++/Arduino for our drivers, and CircuitPython is written in C

pt12:56 PM
@delatorrecohen there is a text log here and we'll post the video in the log too

deshipu12:56 PM
@delatorrecohen usually there are transcripts saved on the event's page

john12:56 PM
Are there still people using UCSD Pascal?

Dan Maloney12:56 PM
Yes, I'm doing the transcript this afternoon

todbot12:57 PM
Thanks everyone from Adafruit for stopping by

Dan Maloney12:57 PM
The transcript will be at

happyday.mjohnson12:57 PM
Yah - thank you very much Adafruit and friends!

Boian Mitov12:57 PM
Thank you @Dan Maloney :-)

tannewt12:57 PM
thanks all!

WRR12:57 PM
Huge thanks to the Adafruit folks for all the hard work on improving embedded development's approachability! This was really interesting

Kattni12:57 PM
You're welcome!

Dave Astels12:57 PM
UCSD Pascal was my first language that was higher level that assembly (no, I don't count Basic)

Kattni12:57 PM
Thanks to everyone for being here!

Boian Mitov12:57 PM
Thank you Adafruit guys :-)

jkshaffstall12:57 PM
Pascal was the Python of the 90's. Didn't go anywhere though....

Dan Halbert12:57 PM
thanks folks, and you're welcome!

john12:57 PM
dave - Me too

Dave Astels12:57 PM
Limor: correct

Dave Astels12:57 PM
255 character strings

Frank Buss12:57 PM
@euchcat Ada works fine on the STM32 series microcontrollers

Nicolas Tremblay12:58 PM
Thanks everyone

Martin Hoecker-Martinez12:58 PM
we use python as the lengua franca for our physics curriculum so we appreciate having a micro-controller that lets our students use the same structure

euchcat12:58 PM
cool !

Mike Szczys12:58 PM
Thanks so much, this was a ton of fun!

Kattni12:58 PM
@Martin Hoecker-Martinez Excellent!

Hendra Kusumah12:58 PM
thanks for the awesome hack chat. It is so worth it for not sleeping tonight since it is 3 AM here

deshipu12:58 PM
there is actually jupyter support for micropython!

Dan Halbert12:59 PM
thanks for staying up @Hendra Kusumah !

pt12:59 PM


Overview | CircuitPython with Jupyter Notebooks | Adafruit Learning System

In this learn guide, we're going to walk through installing Jupyter Notebook, installing the Jupyter CircuitPython kernel, and uploading Jupyter Notebook examples.

Read this on Adafruit

tannewt12:59 PM
thanks for making it @Hendra Kusumah and thank you for the translation!

Melissa LeBlanc-Williams12:59 PM
This was a lot of fun following along.

Dan Maloney12:59 PM
We're at the one hour mark, so this is the official end of the Hack Chat. Thanks a lot to everyone at Adafruit for coming along and chatting with us - great stuff today. And don't forget that next week we'll be talking about Fusion 360 with Matt Berggren from Autodesk -

jkshaffstall12:59 PM
This is a much more interactive chat than I'm use too. Great job.

Audi McAvoy1:00 PM
One of the fastest chats I've seen in a while. Thanks everyone!

Hendra Kusumah1:00 PM
your welcome @tannewt and @Dan Halbert . Keep being awesome

pt1:00 PM
ok, thanks everyone!

Kattni1:00 PM
Thank you everyone!