Hack Chat Transcript, Part 2

A event log for Hackaday Prize 2019 Hack Chat

The challenge of design for manufacturing

LutetiumLutetium 04/17/2019 at 20:020 Comments

scott.mcgimpsey12:40 PM
Design and learning is awesome, but applying that to a wider world of competition has a lot of attractive elements too. Customer research, DFM, etc are just new design constraints and considerations, and they can be a lot of fun as well.

deshipu12:40 PM
@Frank Buss well, the goal of the prize is obviously to get more users to hackaday and to get them hacking

Scott Swaaley12:40 PM
@Majenta Strongheart - Gotcha. Loud and clear. More emphasis on practicality and solving real problems, less on dancing cats.

Frank Buss12:41 PM
isn't the dancing cat the project with the most likes?

todbot12:41 PM
But still, where "customer" could be "my middle-school students" or "dogs at my dog park", I believe

Andrew Sowa12:42 PM
Is there any details on the mentors and how that will work or was that referencing the community as mentors in a general sense?

deshipu12:42 PM
or "people who like videos of dancing cats"

Kris Winer12:42 PM
Sales volume is the validation of utility, or one of them. Had plenty of "great" products that didn't sell well, and some dumb things that sold out. Hard to tell up front.

deshipu12:42 PM
@Andrew Sowa THAT!

Frank Buss12:42 PM
a dancing cat would probably sell very well

Scott Swaaley12:42 PM
@scott.mcgimpsey - yes, and this new prompt means more DFM will be in the Hackaday universe, which means more people will learn about it. Seems on brand and on mission :)

scott.mcgimpsey12:43 PM
@Majenta Strongheart @Frank Buss That's a great point -- Does the popularity of a project weigh into the judges decisions for Semi-finalists or finalist winners?

Majenta Strongheart12:43 PM
@Andrew Sowa yes! I'm excited to share that we will be announcing our judges and mentors very soon and the schedule to the mentor's office hour sessions will be posted on the Hackaday Prize contest page and on our facebook so you can start getting direct feedback from our experienced mentors. Mentors will be hosting office hours type video sessions with 6-8 entrants a session so be sure to sign up once the schedule is posted :)

Andrew Sowa12:44 PM
That sounds very helpful

Dan Maloney12:45 PM
@Majenta Strongheart - Will the videos of the office hour sessions be available after the fact? Might have some valuable mateial for everyone.

isaacporras joined  the room.12:45 PM

Majenta Strongheart12:45 PM
@Scott Swaaley Likes will not be factored in the judging process

deshipu12:45 PM

deshipu12:45 PM
what's that?

Dan Maloney12:46 PM
Something all the grandparents us, I think.

Arsenijs12:46 PM
oh no not f*ceb*ok

Majenta Strongheart12:46 PM
@Dan Maloney Yes! A recording of the video sessions will be available to the community afterwards

Dan Maloney12:46 PM

deshipu12:46 PM
@Dan Maloney like myspace, but invades your privacy?

Dan Maloney12:49 PM
It's a feature...

Arsenijs12:50 PM
I'm sure MySpace got upgraded. A "let's collect some data and earn money on the side" feature sounds like something a MySpace investor could accept, "everyone's doing it" and all

deshipu12:52 PM
do we need to dress up for the mentor videos?

todbot12:52 PM
just from the waist up

Arsenijs12:52 PM
This year's Prize got quite an overhaul, TBH. No World Create Day, no seed money like we're used to, no "stages". I'm wondering if I should try to participate and put some effort in, purely for the "how will this work out?" factor

Dan Maloney12:52 PM
As long as your camera is above the desk ;-)

deshipu12:53 PM
@Arsenijs there are seed money

Arsenijs12:53 PM
"waist up" it's hardware we're talking here, there's a chance of "ah, we do indeed have a prototype to show, I'll go get fetch it from another room"

Arsenijs12:53 PM
sorry, I mean, the seed money changed and IIRC is for the top 20

skitchin12:54 PM
Sir, we said hardware, not software

deshipu12:54 PM
I can understand not wanting to handle all those $1 transfers

Majenta Strongheart12:54 PM
-20pts if you're not wearing a hackaday tshirt during your mentor session

deshipu12:54 PM
an a ski mask

Kiara Navarro joined  the room.12:55 PM

deshipu12:55 PM
or at the very least an Guy Fawkes mask

Frank Buss12:56 PM
this leads to another question: does it need to be an electronics project, or would a T-shirt be a valid entry? or a new kind of shovel? would be all "hardware"

[skaarj]12:56 PM
long hair, hard disk platters on the walls, at least one working 9 track tape drive in the background and a device with huge vacuum tubes glowing blue and throwing sparks - that is OK to substitute a hackaday t-shirt

Josh Lloyd12:57 PM
Now I want a hard drive platter wind chime.

Arsenijs12:57 PM
@Frank Buss I'm guessing, if the T-shirt solves some kind of problem, it's probably OK? If you hurry up, you might get some free flex PCBs =)

Frank Buss12:57 PM
it helps me that I'm not freezing :-)

Arsenijs12:58 PM
say, a T-shirt with woven-in sensors that track posture

todbot12:58 PM
"T-shirt with flex PCB" would be a pretty cool entry

Dan Maloney12:58 PM
We're getting to the top of the hour, and Majenta probably needs to get back to work. I want to thank her for taking the time to answer all these great questions. Not sure what the best forum is for continued questions, though. @Majenta Strongheart - how should people reach out if they have more Prize questions?

[skaarj]12:58 PM
T-shirt with two 20-bit pointers in hex: 2 x b00b5

Marcos Chaparro joined  the room.12:59 PM

deshipu12:59 PM
there were those t-shirts with the dvd keys on them, they solved a real problem

Majenta Strongheart12:59 PM
Thanks everyone! Feel free to send any more questions to

Dan Maloney12:59 PM
Thanks Majenta!

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