Hack Chat Transcript, Part 4

A event log for Retrocomputing for the Masses Hack Chat

Spencer Owen and the RC2014

lutetiumLutetium 05/29/2019 at 20:050 Comments

AlanH12:56 PM
thanks again Bil for coming and thanks again to @spencer for his great project

spencer12:57 PM
@Andrew Lindsay Thanks for swinging by

Bil Herd12:57 PM
@spencer Your project rocks!

19-rsn-00712:57 PM
Have a good one bil

Lex Landa12:57 PM
@Linker3000 ... and I'm in Devon. There's DCLUG but other than that, I've never seen anything 'this far south'. :)

spencer12:57 PM
Thanks @Bil Herd :-) Coming from you, that really makes me feel proud :D

Kevin12:57 PM
Oh, one l and not two. No wonder I was having trouble picking Bil out of the list of people in this chat. :)

pi314159atgithub12:57 PM
@spencer It helps anyone who thinks computers are too much a closed box to learn think otherwise.

AlanH12:58 PM
I like it because BASIC runs on EVERYTHING! It's a great starter project for anyone

Serge joined  the room.12:58 PM

Kevin12:58 PM
That, or FORTH. :)

Andrew Lindsay12:58 PM
@Linker3000 If West Berks is close enough for you, NADHack are looking to have a full day of retro computing goodness as part of a local leisure and arts festival. Cant remember the date of the top of my head.

AlanH12:58 PM

Linker300012:58 PM
Turbo Pascal!

Bil Herd12:58 PM
@kevin Told ya engineers are lazy, why type two "L"s if one will do >:)

Kevin12:58 PM
FIFTH? I don't think I've heard of that one.

AlanH12:59 PM
was a joke :)

David Richards12:59 PM
@Nils Andreas Svee , yes my mistake, thats the one.I'm slowly building a rp calculator. it will have 32 bit core memory using a kit i bought together with 8 digit 7seg display etc.

spencer12:59 PM
One of the (many) things that I think is great about 1970/80/90s computers is that they are real computers that real human beings can understand. I think that is why the RC2014 strikes a chord with so many people. :)

Bil Herd12:59 PM
There was a "B" before there was a "C".

Linker300012:59 PM
@Andrew Lindsay Thanks - will keep an eye out.

pi314159atgithub12:59 PM
Fifth generally only available in events with bars!

Kevin12:59 PM
@AlanH :)

19-rsn-00712:59 PM
It's always good to talk to people like Bil. I love the fact that he is encouraging people like us to do what we are doing

OK, top of the hour approaches, and this was a really lively chat. I'll call official time and post the transcript from here, but feel free to keep chatting if Spencer can stay on. Either way, I'd like to thank him for taking time out to share his work and to geek out on retrocomputing with us. Thanks Spencer!

And don't forget next week's chat - Disrupting Cell Biology with Incuvers. Well be talking about going from a simple lab project and building a company that specializes in bio lab instruments. Check it out at

Kevin1:00 PM
Well,one never knows. Someone might have written another FORTH variant and called it FIFTH.

Bil Herd1:00 PM
Hackaday is really cool that they make this kind of thing possible.