Hack Chat Transcript, Part 2

A event log for Circuit Sculpture Hack Chat

Bend it like Bhoite

dan-maloneyDan Maloney 11/06/2019 at 21:040 Comments

Mohit Bhoite | मोहित भोईटे12:48 PM

@wayn3w I have not played with sound at all, but mostly with lights. Peter Vogel has been a big inspiration and he mostly built sound sculptures

Mohit Bhoite | मोहित भोईटे12:49 PM
I power my sculptures mostly over USB so that I don't have to deal with batteries

mic.cisek12:50 PM
Are you selling your work anywhere?

mumi12:50 PM
How often have you shut down your USB port from excessive current draw?

Mohit Bhoite | मोहित भोईटे12:51 PM
@mic.cisek no plans on selling, but I do hope to use them to raise funds for charity. I'm open to suggestions!

Mohit Bhoite | मोहित भोईटे12:51 PM
@mumi I have not had that issue - most good USB supplies are protected

Timo Emmerich12:52 PM
Where do you get your inspiration from? How do you get to the circuit diagram?

wayn3w12:52 PM
Thanks for mentioning Peter Vogel -- yes, his stuff is inspirational.

Mohit Bhoite | मोहित भोईटे12:54 PM
@Timo Emmerich inspiration comes in many forms. I have a book full of doodles of sculptures - one thing leads to other. My background is electronics, so that comes as second nature.

I'm inspired by works of Mark Tilden, Peter Vogel, Ham radio, and BEAM robotics

mic.cisek12:56 PM
What is the biggest thing you've ever made that technique?

Timo Emmerich12:56 PM
Thank u, can I find them on insta?

Mohit Bhoite | मोहित भोईटे12:56 PM
It was awesome to see Hackaday host the circuit sculpture contest last year - so may cool projects came out of it!

wayn3w12:56 PM
I missed that contest! darn!

morgan12:56 PM
that was really fun

morgan12:57 PM
motivated me to good big, though I still didn't do the full scale sculpture I have envisioned

Yeah, I loved that contest! Fun to write about those entries

Mohit Bhoite | मोहित भोईटे12:58 PM
Search BEAM robots by Mark Tilden or sculptures by Peter Vogel on google, They are the real OGs and not on Insta !

Timo Emmerich12:58 PM

Mohit Bhoite | मोहित भोईटे12:58 PM
I try to keep the sculpture projects small, and something that I can finish over the course of few nights

Mohit Bhoite | मोहित भोईटे1:01 PM
I'm looking forward to using my bantam tools mill to incorporate wood, and milled brass into projects

Mohit Bhoite | मोहित भोईटे1:01 PM
maybe circuit inlays in wood?!

morgan1:01 PM
heh, thought I saw that in the corner of one of your pictures

So that's an hour, and we always like to give our hosts the option of bailing if they have to get back to the real world. Everyone is welcome to stay on, of course, but I'll just say a big thanks to Mohit for coming by and sharing his work. I really like the idea of having something to relax with, and I think I'll probably end up trying my hand a circuit sculpture too.

Thanks everyone! We're going to be taking a break from Hack Chat for a while, with the Supercon coming up next week (!) and Thanksgiving soon thereafter. We'll reconvene in December. See you then!

morgan1:02 PM

Boian Mitov1:02 PM
Thank you Mohit Bhoite | मोहित भोईटे Very inspirational! :-)

Matt Phillips1:02 PM

Nicholas Upton1:02 PM
Thanks Mohit! I've got a shopping list and ample inpiration!

hazelton1:02 PM
circuit sculptures for holiday gifts!

wayn3w1:02 PM
Thank you Mohit. There is a wealth of information on line about people inlaying copper into wood. It would be a fruitful area

Mohit Bhoite | मोहित भोईटे1:02 PM
Thank you @Dan Maloney ! and thank you everyone who took time to come hangout!

Boian Mitov1:02 PM
Thank you @Dan Maloney for organizing it :-)

You bet. Hope to see a lot of you at Supercon!!

Mohit Bhoite | मोहित भोईटे1:03 PM
I hope to see some of you next week at Supercon!!

Mohit Bhoite | मोहित भोईटे1:03 PM
Super excited for that