Hack Chat Transcript, Part 3

A event log for Physical Security Hack Chat

Deviant Ollam will let himself in

Dan MaloneyDan Maloney 06/03/2020 at 20:050 Comments

morgan12:58 PM
heh, classic 'get into the gated community party' trick

Which is why I installed my own ;-) Just wondering if there are any undocumented surprises that got slipped in there

anfractuosity12:58 PM
sorry, i'm a bit confused you mean, you attach a metal plate, and use a microphone + amp? What's the metal for?

Eric12:59 PM
Speaking of default codes. Many safes use 50-25-50 before installation... Also common but less so, 25-50-25 and I've seen 25-50-75 in one case

Deviant Ollam12:59 PM
@Eric this is correct... but we've used it when in a building during the daytime to add a new user =)

Eric1:00 PM
I have seen safes in the field where that code wasn't changes. Employees actually using 50-25-50 as "their" code.

Deviant Ollam1:00 PM
@anfractuosity so that my mag-mount audio pickup has something to which it can attach

anfractuosity1:00 PM

anfractuosity1:00 PM
sorry :)

Deviant Ollam1:00 PM
@Eric yes, those are all common. i have a list somewhere, standby...

Deviant Ollam1:01 PM

anfractuosity1:01 PM
haha cool

Deviant Ollam1:01 PM
@anfractuosity no worries@!

Eric1:01 PM
These are fun. I have access to one if I need it...

Welp, that was a wicked fast hour! We usually like to let our hosts get back to life at this point, but of course everyone is free to stay on and chat as long as you like. I want to thank @Deviant Ollam for his time today and for sharing his expertise. This was a fun one!

Deviant Ollam1:01 PM
@Eric the ITL-2000 is a nice unit, but the Combi blows it out of the water

anfractuosity1:02 PM
do some of those dialers, use acoustic analysis?

Eric1:02 PM
The "Soft-drill" You don't see those very often however.

Deviant Ollam1:02 PM


Combi QX3 Autodialer Preview

Lockmasters, Inc: 859-885-6041 - MBA USA, Inc.: 859-887-0496 - Combi QX3 is a high-speed, wirelessly controlled safe lock dialer (autodialer) for opening Group 2 mechanical combination locks. 8 Hour Average Opening Time Combi QX3 uses a precision step motor with an optical encoder to maintain accuracy even at exceptionally high speeds.

Read this on Qtactical® Tools and Technology

anfractuosity1:02 PM

Deviant Ollam1:02 PM
thank you @Dan Maloney for having me here!

FYI, I'll post a transcript in a few minutes, in case anyone missed any links. And don't forget next week, when we'll be talking about Rapid Prototyping (sorry, no link yet)

Deviant Ollam1:02 PM
(the combi was made by guys we know at Q-Tactical specifically to be an ITL-2000 competitor)

Eric1:03 PM
Softdrill I think we <13 minutes. They took them off the market except for limited 'special' customers

Thanks Dev and all!

tonkas641:03 PM
@Deviant Ollam cheers for your time and knowledge, awesome as always :-)