Hack Chat Transcript, Part 2

A event log for Into the Plasmaverse Hack Chat

Phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range? Just what you see, pal.

Dan MaloneyDan Maloney 09/23/2020 at 20:080 Comments

Jay Bowles12:48 PM

Dayton Aardema12:48 PM
Wait, really?

Jay Bowles12:48 PM
yeah. He's planning 2 123 foot towers, in bipolar configuration.

Dayton Aardema12:48 PM
And the... FCC is chill with that

Same thing happened to me! Measuring HV is a color TV, got zapped through a screwdriver I was levering up the anode cap with. 37,000 volts through my right hand and exited through my waist - jumped to the grounded outlet strip on the front of the bench.

Jay Bowles12:49 PM
Nope. I have no idea how he will do so. Though, FCC is chill with his 40 foot tall (tallest in the world) 200kW coil currently

Jay Bowles12:50 PM
Dan, welcome to the 37,000 volt club.. haha. No seriously, glad you were okay

Dayton Aardema12:50 PM
FCC is the worst. Why can't I blast LOFI electroswing at 1kW from the university transmitter? amirite

Dayton Aardema12:50 PM

The screwdriver ended up stck in the wall behind me. I guess my arm muscles took on a life of their own at that moment and I threw it backwards. Good times.

Jay Bowles12:52 PM
If you guys want to see a tesla coil that will blow you away...this is Greg's tesla coil. Solid state, largest in the world, and...this was filmed AT the old Wardenclyff site using tesla's old grounding system. One thing to note.....Greg found the Tesla's old ground was still better than anything he could set up, and the tesla coil would not stop pulling ground strikes. Check out the viddy!

LesWright12:52 PM
LOL been there! Broke a chair once, faffing with a 3.3kv mains transformer.

Jay Bowles12:53 PM
Dan, that is amazing hahaha

Jay Bowles12:53 PM
Did you fall out of the chair?

LesWright12:53 PM
Yep, but the char legs got caught under the desk on my way back!

Dave Blundell12:54 PM
My hit knocked me to the ground. I was standing over a running car

LesWright12:54 PM
Good times! :-D

Tom Nardi12:55 PM
@Jay Bowles Not HV related, but what is your review of this film?

Jay Bowles12:55 PM
As serious and important as it is to be is remarkable how many of us start out our journeys the same way......a single shock that makes you respect electric

Dayton Aardema12:55 PM
Speaking of good time, ima bow out, friends

Jay Bowles12:55 PM
Thanks for stopping by Dayton!

Tom Nardi12:55 PM

Bye Dayton, thanks for stopping by

Jay Bowles12:56 PM
Wait a second.......

Jay Bowles12:56 PM
That was a fun movie.

Tom Nardi12:57 PM
Maybe we can do film making Hack Chat next time

LesWright12:57 PM
Never seen it, I will check it out!

Jay Bowles12:57 PM
lol....I am also a television actor. That was the last film I was in. A fun independent film

Jay Bowles12:57 PM
Since them i'm 90% youtube.

Dave Blundell12:58 PM
that tesla coil test @ tesla's coil is insane.

Dave Blundell12:58 PM
how the hell do you power a tesla coil that does 120 - 200000W /

Dave Blundell12:58 PM

Jay Bowles12:58 PM
Right?! Speaking with greg, he built the coil to be fully scalable. So, to make it three times taller (120 feet) he just needs to scale every component up by 3, and all things will still work the same

Ken Berkun12:59 PM
many hamsters, but they scale nicely

Dave Blundell12:59 PM
I guess that's not THAT bad

Dave Blundell12:59 PM
120,000W = 250A @ 480

Dave Blundell12:59 PM
which still makes me want to vomit thinking about it

Jay Bowles12:59 PM
Haha. I too would like to know how it is powered. Well folks, I need to return to my 9-5

Erlend Ervik1:00 PM
Jay: Tesla Explorer.. still talking with him?

Dave Blundell1:00 PM
but it's within the realm of traditional power delivery

Jay Bowles1:00 PM
I have spoken to Explorere, but it has been a while. He does great work!

Dave Blundell1:00 PM
@Jay Bowles throw a link out to your channel. I want to go distract myself from my 9-5

Dave Blundell1:00 PM

OK, thanks Jay - I was just about to call time. Thanks so much for coming on today, we really appreciate it. And thanks to everyone for coming.

Jay Bowles1:00 PM
It has been nice speaking with you all. If you have not visited my channel, check out

Erlend Ervik1:01 PM
Jay: I have adviced him on various tricks.. to improve the systems

LesWright1:01 PM
Thanks Jay, great chat!

Jay Bowles1:01 PM
Thanks everyone. Stay safe, keep experimenting!

Teaser for week after next - @LesWright will be here to talk about his homebrrew lasers. We'll have lotas of HV talk then too, I'll bet

Dave Blundell1:01 PM
thank you

Next week is Adam Zeloof talking about mechanical engineering

Thanks all - I'll post a transcript soon