Hack Chat Transcript, Part 3

A event log for Learning DSP and SDR Hack Chat

To the frequency domain, and beyond

dan-maloneyDan Maloney 11/11/2020 at 21:070 Comments
perronemajr12:59 PM

I mean without

Chris Weiss joined the room.12:59 PM

Marc Lichtman12:59 PM
do you mean SDR hardware project?

Marc Lichtman1:00 PM
like community-lead open source hardware

OK, that was a jam-packed hour! Gonna be a chore to get this transcript posted, that's for sure. But that's a good problem to have. I want to thank Marc for being here today and for this informative and fun Hack Chat. I really appreciate the time today, Marc, thanks so much. And to everyone who attended, same to you -- you made this a great Hack Chat! Feel free to keep the chat going, of course - the Hack CHat is always here for you!

Don't forget that next week we have a Chat that was rescheduled from October:

Marc Lichtman1:00 PM
check out


Harnessing Your Creativity Hack Chat

Leo Fernekes will host the Hack Chat on Wednesday, November 18, 2020 at noon Pacific Time. (Note that this is rescheduled from the original 10/14 date -- we had a little time zone snafu. -- ed) Time zones got you down? Here's a handy time converter!

Read this on Hackaday

Marc Lichtman1:00 PM
Yeah glad to have hosted a Hack Chat!

manoeldesouza1:00 PM
Hello everyone. Are there SDR software dedicated for digital signals decoding?

Marc Lichtman1:00 PM
thanks for having me

Marc Lichtman1:00 PM
GNU Radio! =)

Jeffrey Forbes1:01 PM
Pulse NMR, Apply a transmitter pulse then receive the emitted signal

Collin Avidano1:01 PM
Thank you!

Aaron1:01 PM
Thanks Marc!!!

Marc Lichtman1:01 PM
GNU Radio has flowgraphs/blocks for many different comms protocols

Jeffrey Forbes1:01 PM
Thanks Marc

Simon joined the room.1:01 PM

Aaron1:01 PM
...and everyone else for their comments!

Marc Lichtman1:01 PM
Yeah I didn't realize this awesome community existed, I had just known about hackaday from the articles

manoeldesouza1:01 PM
Thanks. need to check that.

Chris Weiss1:01 PM
@Marc Lichtman - If you're asking about the user-side, ADSB/FlightAware has a lot of folks contributing radio telemetry of aircraft locations

fid1:02 PM
thank you @Dan Maloney and @Marc Lichtman I took notes and downloaded a few things.

kiggins.chris1:02 PM
Thanks marc! Github is the best way to keep the discussion then?

Marc Lichtman1:02 PM
feel free to check out the textbook,, I just recently finished the first version so there might be room for improvement, and I'm always looking for help

RoGeorge1:02 PM
@Marc Lichtman IMO, Open Hardware is more of a myth, it will never take of, like Open Software, so don't put much hope in an open HW SDR.

@fid -- I'll be posting a transcript in a few minutes in case you missed anything

Thomas Shaddack1:02 PM
how different (for learning the very basics) is DSP for audio and for rf?

Marc Lichtman1:02 PM
yeah email me at or use github

perronemajr1:02 PM
@Jeffrey Forbes Thanks!

Chris Weiss1:02 PM
Oh, sorry, that was @Aaron 's question

Marc Lichtman1:02 PM
"how different (for learning the very basics) is DSP for audio and for rf?" tons of similarities

Marc Lichtman1:02 PM
but when you get into comms stuff its all new

fid1:03 PM
thanks @Dan Maloney