Hack Chat Transcript, Part 2

A event log for Mechanical Timekeeping Hack Chat with Clickspring

"Tick, tock, everything's a clock."

Dan MaloneyDan Maloney 02/03/2021 at 21:090 Comments

Juan Sandubete12:50 PM
But, the efficiency calculus must take into account that heat, and still is very high. So I guess that heat cannot be that much

Chris12:52 PM
@Danail Ivanov Re inspiration/feeling down etc: Great question. One of the key reasons I got into this whole activity was to address something that felt missing in my day-to-day life. I had a good job etc but I didn't actually have anything to physically show for a days hard work. Making stuff, addresses that for me. There is something very fulfilling about making something with your own two hands.

andypugh12:53 PM
@Juan Sandubete Someone I know has 3D printed a "pancake" style Harmonic drive. Those use a wider spline and two internal gears. It removes the highly-stressed cup at the expense of slightly more backlash. So far it is looking like it might work. It ran several hours at 850 rpm input:

Chris12:54 PM
@juul van den bosch Not really, its a fairly straight forward project. John Wildings instructions talk the reader around all of the pitfalls :)

Juan Sandubete12:54 PM
@andypugh good mental design btw! I tried to model them time ago with FreeCAD but I found it difficult. I think there was something like a toolbox for gears which was good

selective.luddite12:54 PM
@Chris , and we're all extremely grateful that you took thisup :)

@Chris -- I can relate. Went through a midlife crisis of sorts when I realized my software development job amounted to nothing I could show mythen-young kids and say "Daddy made that". So, I built them a house.

Chris12:55 PM
@Dan Maloney Brilliant :)

Pete Willard12:55 PM

Nathan Brown12:55 PM
@Dan Malone How did you get a copy of my biography?

andypugh12:55 PM
I went the other way... My clock project led to me spending all my spare time writing CNC software :-)

Steve Pomeroy12:55 PM
Like, an adult-size house or a kid-size house? Either way, awesome!

Juan Sandubete12:56 PM
@andypugh wow, it works well but that sound.. I bet they could not repeat the test

kags12:56 PM
Certainly a number of online hobby engineering firms are glad I saw chris's youtube channel.....well money is fo spending after all,.

juul van den bosch12:56 PM
a good CAD program will save you a lot of trouble.

Inventor, Solidworks and Fusion are all fantastic packages to work with, expect that they are pricy @Juan Sandubete

i do have a hard time myself with freeCAD, yet the other 3 are a walk in the park

Chris12:56 PM
@kags ha ha! Can't take it with us!

@andypugh - But both improved the worls, and I think that's the point

kags12:57 PM
That bit about spending 100% of the lathe costs on extra tools is an understatement. Mind you 1947 lathe not help

Pete Willard12:57 PM
FreeCad seems kind of stuck in Y2K era

Mark Jeronimus12:57 PM
freeCAD just has the worst raw user experience ever. Nothing works like I expect.

Fjodor12:58 PM
my problem is that my work is clocks, but my hobby is also clocks. I pick up completely different hobby's next to clocks to get away from it all

Mark Jeronimus12:58 PM
FYI F360 has a free license option for hobbyists

juul van den bosch12:58 PM
with the hard hit on Fusion i am still shopping around for a new package for screwing around with at home

andypugh12:58 PM
I think I have a lathe chuck fetish. I have 8 (for one lathe) but today was looking at 6-jaw ones...

Chris12:58 PM
@andypugh It's possible that there's another dimension to this too, that is the pure intellectual side of what we do as makers. We are almost all addicted to learning new stuff.

juul van den bosch12:58 PM
@Mark Jeronimus its a shame that you are limited in active projects and a lot of other fun stuff

selective.luddite12:59 PM
@Chris , *Yes*.

kags12:59 PM
@andypugh I need a new chuck from my ML7 but postage to nz.....

Juan Sandubete12:59 PM
@juul van den bosch I know, I know, but I don´t usually design hard stuff, so I try to support the opensource stuff

Nicolas Tremblay12:59 PM
Onshape isn't bad

Michael Möller12:59 PM
Makers do not have deadlines and project targets - well only what we decide. If it takes longer or fails .... Nah

andypugh1:00 PM
I just remembered the two chucks that fit the "living room lathe"

Fjodor1:00 PM
no string of words ever made me happier than "living room lathe"

Fjodor1:00 PM
you have changed my life

juul van den bosch1:00 PM
bedroom lathe?

Stop teasing


Juan Sandubete1:00 PM
@Chris what about merging energy harvesting and very low power clocks?

Steve Pomeroy1:01 PM
@Juan Sandubete For an all-opensource CAD tool, I enjoy OpenSCAD. But I'm also a life-long software dev, so code is natural for me.

Mark Jeronimus1:01 PM
In my early days, my living room used to look worse than my hobby room

Fjodor1:01 PM
@juul van den bosch bad idea, I'll never get any sleep anymore if I have that

selective.luddite1:01 PM
:D How about 'Indoor Man Cave' ?

James Finch1:01 PM
I started using DesignSpark Mechanical and seems super easy for at least for the 3D prints I've made.

Chris1:01 PM
@Juan Sandubete Definitely. So many options for fine mechanism merging with scavanged or low grade power

juul van den bosch1:01 PM
sleep is for the weak

Mark Jeronimus1:02 PM
@Steve Pomeroy OpenSCAD has no moving (i.e. kinematically linked) parts. Only animated parts

andypugh1:02 PM
@Fjodor It's a Rivett 608 on the oak stand. Closer to furniture than the average lathe:

Steve Pomeroy1:02 PM
@Mark Jeronimus very true! Gotta animate it with maths ;-)

Fjodor1:02 PM
@andypugh that's a beauty.

Oh hey, look at the clock -- that was a fast hour. I'd imagine Chris has to get about his workday now, so we'll have to let him go if that's the case. I just want to say a big thank you first. I asked Chris more than a year ago to come on the Hack Chat, and forces conspired to keep him busy for all that time. I'm really glad we stuck with it though - great stuff!

Pete Willard1:03 PM
I use designspark as well,. It has quirks that are made acceptable by its ease of use.

Juan Sandubete1:03 PM
@Steve Pomeroy I tried some Python for FreeCAD designing of savonius rotors indeed. Still working on that.

Steve Pomeroy1:03 PM
Thanks so much Chris!

Fjodor1:03 PM
thank you Chris

Chris1:03 PM
Thank you @Dan Maloney for the invite mate, it's been a real pleasure to be with you all :)

selective.luddite1:03 PM
@andypugh Very nice. How old is it?

andypugh1:03 PM
Aye, thanks Mr Spring

Juan Sandubete1:04 PM
Thanks Chris ! very interesting topic. And thanks for the links and those stuff

selective.luddite1:04 PM
And did you make the cabinet/

Chris1:04 PM
Have a great rest of the day, catch you all next time :)

Thanks Chris, really looking forward to more AKM vids!

kags1:04 PM
@Chris See you monday

Nicolas Tremblay1:04 PM
Thanks Chris

And thanks to all for the great questions. And for real this time, don't forget Zack's chat next week:


Finishing Your Projects Hack Chat

Zack Freedman will host the Hack Chat on Wednesday, February 10 at noon Pacific. Time zones got you down? Try our a handy time zone converter. Try as we might, some of us are much better at starting projects than finishing them.

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That's right -- it'll be a "Zack Chat"

Nicolas Tremblay1:05 PM