Hack Chat Transcript, Part 2

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dan-maloneyDan Maloney 03/17/2021 at 20:190 Comments
tubetime1:04 PM

and even (get this) a sound card, using the CGA composite video output as a sound output :)

tubetime1:04 PM
but i gotta get it working first, lol.

tubetime1:04 PM
any more questions about any of this stuff?

niksgarage1:05 PM
what are you going to use for the analog end ? palette /dac

Kevin1:06 PM
Sounds like some fun projects. I was thinking at first this was going to be more vintage hardware rather than this more "modern" stuff. ;)

tubetime1:06 PM
@niksgarage right now it is just a resistor ladder DAC. it's not great but it's better than i thought it would be

tubetime1:07 PM
the palette will be done using block RAM in the FPGA

Kevin1:07 PM
@tubetime What FPGA device(s) are you using?

charliex1:07 PM
it's super interesting project , though i'm getting ptsd remembering all the various modes to support

tubetime1:07 PM
there are some tricks to it, like the palette DAC is also a dual port memory

tubetime1:07 PM
@Kevin it's an ICE-40

tubetime1:07 PM
@charliex i'm not really looking forward to the complex beast that is EGA

Thanks all, transcript coming up. And don't forget to tune in next week for Mitxela and MIDI:

tubetime1:08 PM
thanks for hosting @Dan Maloney and @Dusan Petrovic

charliex1:08 PM
@tubetime i feel you

Kevin1:08 PM
@tubetime Are you publishing information on your projects somewhere other than Twitter?

tubetime1:09 PM
@Kevin yes, i also have a blog that i sometimes update:

tubetime1:09 PM
right now the lead article is my Twitter best-of threads lol

Kevin1:09 PM
ok, ty. I don't use Twitter or Facebook

tubetime1:10 PM
for me, i use twitter because it's a very low friction way of posting project updates

tubetime1:10 PM
i can bust out the phone, snap a photo, tweet it with some text, maybe tack it onto an existing thread, and it just works and it doesn't slow me down

tubetime1:10 PM
for the blog i have to download the images, process them to shrink them down, then upload them to the wordpress, edit the article, blah blah

tubetime1:11 PM
takes like an hour that i'd rather spend on the project itself :)

Kevin1:11 PM
I wouldn't have thought it takes that long but there is a difference in doing real time posting of work in progress vs. documenting work done over a longer period of time.

Kevin1:12 PM
I mostly put up information about projects after major milestones.

charliex1:12 PM
yeah wordpress needs a twitter like thing so i can record and add to a post quickly for notes, especially when you go back to later after a long session and dont always remember the procedures you did, sometimes i've done a thing twice just to document it

charliex1:12 PM
the struggle is real

tubetime1:13 PM
or really, any site dedicated to hosting projects could use something like that. maybe a phone app

tubetime1:13 PM
trying to think if i know any sites that would be good for hosting projects...

charliex1:13 PM

charliex1:13 PM
not til they add export/backups, perhaps?

tubetime1:14 PM
@Dan Maloney oh see there you go!

charliex1:14 PM
^ see my comment heh