Hack Chat Transcript, Part 2

A event log for MIDI All the Things Hack Chat

with mitxela [Tim Alex Jacobs]

Dan MaloneyDan Maloney 03/24/2021 at 20:040 Comments
miguelmurca12:49 PM

Well, thanks for the time, goodbye all! 😊👋

SHIK12:49 PM

charliex12:49 PM

mitxela12:50 PM
Someone mentioned Korg earlier - I like Korg and their attempts to make miniature versions of their earlier synths. I don't own any of them but I applaud their goal. Also, they tend to release the schematics for them too, which is awesome

charliex12:50 PM
yeah also they are fun to hack

SHIK12:51 PM
nts-1 is great idea

mitxela12:51 PM
I have a monotron and MIDIfied it and it was a great experience

mitxela12:51 PM
they labelled the test pads on the board

SHIK12:51 PM
Is that the one you made a video about?

Jerry Isdale12:52 PM
beyond midi, have you looked at EuroRack synths? I have some friends really into those (robodog, etc)

mitxela12:52 PM
Yes although it has very poor audio in the video, I should probably make a fresh video about it

SHIK12:52 PM
it's not poly, right?

mitxela12:52 PM
@Jerry Isdale Ah, only very briefly. Mostly I've just experimented with VCV Rack which is virtual modular

mitxela12:53 PM
Monotron is indeed mono

SHIK12:53 PM
So maybe try to make it polyphonic on your refreshed video..

SHIK12:53 PM
just an idea :)

mitxela12:54 PM
This would be very hard, seeing as it's an analog synth. You'd need to duplicate all of the circuitry to add more oscillators

mitxela12:54 PM
However, it does have an arpeggiator

mitxela12:54 PM
that I added

SHIK12:54 PM

mitxela12:56 PM
I also want to make more videos about other projects, problem is making and editing videos takes so much time. I really ought to make a video about my Midi Interceptor project, that one deserves more attention

Kevin.stork12:57 PM

mitxela12:57 PM
Well, anyway, if anyone wants to talk further feel free to email me, I try to respond to everything although it sometimes takes me a few days to get back to people

charliex12:58 PM

Jerry Isdale12:58 PM
aloha! thanks for the chat!

mitxela12:58 PM
Cool - see you all next time I guess!

charliex12:58 PM
til next time

And it looks like we're up against our one-hour limit too, so good timing! I want to thank mitxela for his time today, and everyone else for the great questions.

SHIK12:59 PM
Thanks all :)

Thanks a bunch, this was great.

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charliex1:00 PM
adding midi to tesla coils

Yeah, maybe it's not so different after all...