Hack Chat Transcript, Part 2

A event log for Python Your Keyboard Hack Chat with Adafruit

What's in your keyboard?

Dan MaloneyDan Maloney 07/21/2021 at 19:520 Comments

Jeff Epler12:22 PM maybe this is PT's story about impersonating USB devices for itunes

jayceerail12:23 PM
Has anyone made an analog keyboard?

pt12:23 PM


Palm Pre IPod Spoofing Confirmed

The new Palm Pre cellphone has a "media sync" feature which lets the device sync with iTunes in a fashion identical to an iPod. Last week [Jon Lech Johansen] speculated that this was not done in cooperation with Apple and that Palm was spoofing the iPod's USB controller.

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Alvaro Figueroa joined  the room.12:23 PM

limor12:23 PM
we also have ps/2 but only reading, not emitting (we think)

pt12:23 PM
interesting story from back in the day of naming, etc. with devices VID/PID

tannewt12:24 PM
@jayceerail what do you mean by analog keyboard?

Darrin B12:24 PM
You can use one of the generic class descriptors to tell the operating system what sort of device has been plugged in.

deʃhipu12:24 PM
acoustic keyboard ;-)

jayceerail12:25 PM
Using small joysticks instead on keys.

limor12:25 PM
we also support MIDI!

deʃhipu12:25 PM
there are TOPRE keyboards which are technically analog

limor12:25 PM
lots of music software can be automated and controlled with MIDI as well

Mark J Hughes12:26 PM
Speaking of -- what about a capacitive-touch keyboard -- something with no wear surfaces. How would you bring cap/inductive touch into the mix?

Ferdinand Vogeler12:26 PM
Any one tried building a converter for one of those old IBM model F working?

deʃhipu12:26 PM

Dan Maloney12:26 PM

kristina panos12:27 PM
Ohh that's nice :)

tannewt12:27 PM
@Mark J Hughes We have most of what you need but we don't currently scan touch in the background

morgan12:27 PM

Jeff Epler12:27 PM
@Mark J Hughes I don't think there's a particular new support for cap touch keyboards, but you can use TouchIn with USB keyboard in CircuitPython .. you won't have enough inputs for a full keyboard, and as @tannewt says we don't have a background scan for it either

Dan Maloney12:27 PM
@kristina panos - I knew you'd love it!

tannewt12:27 PM
so it may be a little less responsive than our new `keypad` modules

Thomas Shaddack12:27 PM
Technically, everything is analog as digital is nothing but analog with thresholds for high and low. (helps to keep in mind when debugging oddities.)

deʃhipu12:27 PM
I want that keycap, but for the kailh chocs

Jeff Epler12:27 PM
I was also wondering about the variable-voltage keypads that you see sometimes

tannewt12:28 PM
@Ferdinand Vogeler we do support ps2 inputs I think. you should be able to use it to bridge to USB

Derek Brown12:28 PM
Did you (Phil/Limor) share who did your custom Adafruit key cap?

deʃhipu12:28 PM
@tannewt honestly I'm using a CP keyboard for 6 months+ now (with the old python-based scanning) and I don't see a difference

pt12:28 PM
aaand we're giving away the hackaday keycaps

morgan12:28 PM

Dan Maloney12:28 PM
Want one of those cool keycaps? Sign up here:

deʃhipu12:28 PM

pt12:28 PM
@Derek Brown if our partner allows us, we can

Dan Maloney12:28 PM


Google Forms - create and analyze surveys, for free.

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morgan12:29 PM
need permission

Thomas Shaddack12:29 PM
random thought. analog hall sensor for the key, instead of a switch. that'd allow sensing the depth of key press, the mechanical click could be software-adjusted for precision touch, and if properly conformal-coated it could be cleaned in a dishwasher.

morgan12:29 PM
another puzzle?

Jeff Epler12:29 PM
If you're not watching the video you missed the great PCB artwork

Jeff Epler12:29 PM
I didn't get a screencap in time. 2nd batch of the macropad will have it, I think

Thomas Shaddack12:29 PM
ol' ultrareliable keyboards for eg. nuclear industry were reportedly built with hall sensors, though digital-output ones.

jayceerail12:29 PM
Are there Adafruit keycaps?

Jeff Epler12:29 PM
@jayceerail there are!

pt12:29 PM
there will be adafruit ones!

morgan12:30 PM
oh cool

pt12:30 PM
and an open source hardware gear

jayceerail12:30 PM

deʃhipu12:30 PM
@Thomas Shaddack TOPRE keyboards exist and you can buy them

pt12:30 PM
and a few others :)

Jeff Epler12:30 PM


Adafruit Etched R4 Keycap for MX Compatible Switches

Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits Adafruit Etched R4 Keycap for MX Compatible Switches : ID 5094 - Keep your 'fruit close at hand with a super-classy, custom-made Etched Adafruit Keycap. It's made with a translucent/opaque plastic that is etched to create an elegant glow-through effect.

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Jeff Epler12:30 PM


Etched Glow-Through Keycap with Open Source Hardware Gear Logo

Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits Etched Glow-Through Keycap with Open Source Hardware Gear Logo [MX Compatible Switches] : ID 5115 - Show off your open-source hardware flair with a super-classy, custom-made Open Source Hardware Gear Logo Etched Keycap. It's made with a translucent/opaque plastic that is etched to create an elegant glow-through effect.

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deʃhipu12:30 PM
@Dan Maloney no permission

morgan12:31 PM

Dan Maloney12:31 PM
Whoops - try again

Dan Maloney12:31 PM


Adafruit Hack Chat Giveaway!

Win one of PT's sweet Jolly Wrencher keycaps! You need to be eligible -- no employees, contractors, or family members of Hackaday, Supply Frame, or Adafruit, and you must live in the US or Canada so we can ship it to you. We won't save any of your personal information

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jayceerail12:31 PM
Who else here has a keycap?

Jeff Epler12:32 PM
3d printed keycaps are cool too is a great library for designing yours

limor12:32 PM
any more questions

Dan Maloney12:32 PM
Yeah, and we're not doing anything with the emails either.

pt12:33 PM
for any of the winners of the keycaps, after i send you one i do not keep or store your email address, or any info at all

limor12:33 PM
we're gonna wrap soon :)

jayceerail12:33 PM
Next topic mice?

Derek Brown12:33 PM
Thanks for the fun!

deʃhipu12:33 PM
mice are hard mechanically

Fred12:33 PM
Good session

tannewt12:33 PM
you can mimic a mouse with circuitpython

deʃhipu12:33 PM
with a keyboad the mechanical part is mostly handled by the switch

David Glaude12:34 PM
Is the new keyboard scan code also on small M0 board?

dwetchells12:34 PM
Where is this form to fill out for the key cap

Dan Halbert12:34 PM
yes, it's on the smallest boards

Jeff Epler12:34 PM
@David Glaude you can always check the support matrix for that info :)

Dan Maloney12:34 PM


Ploopy Open Source Trackball Keeps Rolling Along

We'll be honest. When we first heard about a mouse, we weren't convinced. The argument was that business people weren't familiar with computers. That didn't ring true since every business person in the last century had at least seen a typewriter keyboard, but most of them had never seen a mouse before the 1980s.

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jayceerail12:34 PM

deʃhipu12:34 PM
@David Glaude I use it on my samd21 keyboards now

tannewt12:34 PM


Home | Ploopy

Ploopy makes open, high-quality products for your life. We specialize in trackballs and mice. Find out more.

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David Glaude12:34 PM
So you make keyboard... but do you make mouse?

limor12:35 PM

limor12:36 PM
thanks everyone!

jayceerail12:36 PM
Flip Dot.

Jeff Epler12:36 PM
thanks all for having us!

Dan Maloney12:36 PM
I saw that, it was awesome

pt12:36 PM
ok @Dan Maloney i think we're done!

limor12:36 PM
keep on matrix scannin'

Kattni12:36 PM
Thanks everyone!

limor12:36 PM
and keebin'

limor12:36 PM
and hid'in

Dan Maloney12:36 PM
OK, I'll do the drawing now

pt12:36 PM
@Dan Maloney ya gonna do the winners now or later?

morgan12:36 PM
thanks adafruit crew

jorch12:36 PM
thank you!!

tannewt12:36 PM


Join the adafruit Discord Server!

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Nolan Moore12:36 PM
Great chat! Thank you

jayceerail12:36 PM

Dan Maloney12:36 PM
One sec...

Derek Brown12:36 PM
Looking forward to Adabox! and more keeb goodness

jayceerail12:36 PM
Free the caps!

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Dan Maloney12:37 PM
How many? 10?

Kattni12:37 PM

pt12:37 PM
@Dan Maloney 10 ! yep

jayceerail12:37 PM
How about RPi keycaps?

Dan Maloney12:38 PM
First 5 - Derek M Brown


Ferdinand Vogeler



Dan Maloney12:38 PM
Have to do them in groups of five, sorry. Stand by for round 2...

dwetchells12:38 PM

jayceerail12:39 PM
RPi 400

Derek Brown12:39 PM