Hack Chat Transcript, Part 3

A event log for Python Your Keyboard Hack Chat with Adafruit

What's in your keyboard?

Dan MaloneyDan Maloney 07/21/2021 at 19:550 Comments

Dan Maloney12:39 PM
Round 2:

Nolan Moore



Ferdinand Vogeler

David Glaude

morgan12:39 PM
hot dog!

Nolan Moore12:39 PM

Thomas Shaddack12:39 PM
random thought for injection-molded caps. there are masterbatch additives that are irreversible thermochromic. dark for white, white for black mixes. used for laser-scribing in mass production, i had a brush with doing the scribing for apple. maaaaybeeee the material works also for low-power co2 laser, or for the few-watt blue diode ones, common in low-cost laser scribers/cutters.

Ferdinand Vogeler12:39 PM

Steve M Potter12:39 PM

Dan Maloney12:39 PM
Crap, I repeated one -- make it Duewester

Dan Maloney12:40 PM
My bad, sorry about that

pt12:40 PM
all good :)

dwetchells12:40 PM

David Glaude12:40 PM
Hot glue keycap?

David Glaude12:40 PM
Is that a thing?

Derek Brown12:40 PM
I did order the resin cast mold so more fun

pt12:40 PM
ok cool, folks who won, hackaday will send me the deets and we'll send them out and i'll send trackin info, etc. we will not store or use any of the info in any way besides sending the keycap

Dan Halbert12:40 PM
plaster of paris

jayceerail12:41 PM
How about RPi 400 keycaps? Plus similar keys?

Dan Maloney12:41 PM
@pt, I'll send you the physical addresses.

Dan Halbert12:41 PM
are the RPi 400 keycaps removable?

Steve M Potter12:41 PM
I used Scrabble tiles for my keys:

pt12:41 PM
that is it!

pt12:41 PM
we are outie!

David Glaude12:41 PM
pt: you can make it a code and I add that to my next order... don't pay international shipping for that, or make it super slow lower cost.

Derek Brown12:41 PM

Nolan Moore12:42 PM
Thanks guys!

pt12:42 PM
@David Glaude naw, all good

Dan Maloney12:42 PM
Bye, thanks! Transcript coming up

deʃhipu12:42 PM
thank you

dwetchells12:42 PM
Thanks. Happy Wednesday

jayceerail12:42 PM
Byr! <3

pt12:42 PM
keepin it separate (appreciate the offer tho)

Steve M Potter12:42 PM

jayceerail12:42 PM

Dusan Petrovic12:43 PM
Thanks everyone!

Ferdinand Vogeler12:43 PM