Hack Chat Transcript, Part 1

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Form follows function

Dan MaloneyDan Maloney 09/08/2021 at 23:550 Comments

Dan Maloney11:38 AM
Hi all -- we'll get started in about 20 minutes

Eric Strebel joined  the room.11:43 AM

Dan Maloney11:44 AM
Hi Eric! Nice to have you here today!

Eric Strebel11:45 AM
Thanks, nice to be here

Nicolas Tremblay joined  the room.11:47 AM

Nicolas Tremblay11:48 AM
@Eric Strebel Thank you for your videos. I've learned so much from them.

morgan11:49 AM
yeah same, I feel like when I was still exhibit fabricating I learned some tiny tidbit that was so useful in the shop

Eric Strebel11:50 AM
Ok, cool. So glad that people can learn from them

Eric Strebel11:51 AM
awesome, I like to give back to the world, making stuff by hand seems to becoming a lost art in some ways

Eric Strebel11:51 AM
I am try to preserve as much craft as I can

Dan Maloney11:52 AM
What gets me is the variety of materials you can use. With the right techniques, wood can look like something completely different, like plastic or metal.

Eric Strebel11:52 AM
yeah, there really is no limit to material so long as you can stay safe

Eric Strebel11:52 AM
sky is the limit and new materials keep becoming available all the time

morgan11:53 AM
the conceptualization before fabrication is I really like, as that's not something I'm super good at

morgan11:53 AM something I...

Eric Strebel11:53 AM
@morgan that is just practice

Eric Strebel11:53 AM
just keep doing it and watch other that are good at it

Nicolas Tremblay11:53 AM
For me, it's mor my drawing skills. Give me CAD software anytime

morgan11:54 AM
yeah I've been trying to get started on regular drawing/sketching practice

Eric Strebel11:54 AM
you can multiply your options with drawing, you can draw a lot faster than you can model something

morgan11:54 AM
I've never been much for drawing

Eric Strebel11:54 AM
Drawing is a tool just like anything else, you just have to get good at using it

morgan11:55 AM
and yeah, ^ that's what I want. I'm proficient with CAD which is great, but it's slow when trying to come up with ideas

Eric Strebel11:55 AM
@morgan , like riding a bike, that took you some practice to get good at as well

morgan11:55 AM
oh, I'm great at that

Dan Maloney11:55 AM
And for me, there's something about the "look inside" that drawings give that makes a design more tangible, in my mind at least.

morgan11:55 AM

deʃhipu11:55 AM
I find that making paper models helps me a lot

Eric Strebel11:56 AM
@Dan Maloney its that first peek into your idea

deʃhipu11:56 AM
even if I just print the footprints of all the components, and play with them

morgan11:56 AM
also been trying to do that more, especially when I'm struggle with visualizing scale

Pablo Oyarzo joined  the room.11:56 AM

Dan Maloney11:56 AM
Exactly! It makes it real in my mind like nothing else can

Eric Strebel11:56 AM
@deʃhipu those are great for ideating, love them

Pablo Oyarzo11:57 AM
Did this just started? or is this a warm up?

Eric Strebel11:57 AM
@morgan , scale is something I see people struggle with a lot, its hard

Dan Maloney11:57 AM
Nah, this is the pre-chat. But we'll kick it off "officially" in just a few

Eric Strebel11:57 AM
@Pablo Oyarzo just starting, welcome

Eric Strebel11:57 AM

wayn3w11:57 AM
Since we're talking about drawing, I notice that architects exhibit a distinct visual style when they draw. Is there a proscribed way for learning how to draw for design?

Dan Maloney11:58 AM
I'll make sure to capture this for the transcript, though ;-)

Eric Strebel11:58 AM
@wayn3w that is probably more what they are taught, so more of a schooling thing

Pablo Oyarzo11:58 AM
Cools, Eric I love your vids, Im the leader of the local Hardware Community in Dominican Republic, and I share a lot of your videos to incentivise low/mid scale manufacturing

Eric Strebel11:59 AM
@Pablo Oyarzo sweet! Thank you, very humbled

wayn3w11:59 AM
Does that approach really help? Or should one just 'draw'?

greg joined  the room.11:59 AM

Dan Maloney12:00 PM
OK everyone, welcome to the Hack Chat today! I'm Dan, I'll be modding along with Dusan -- I think he's here anyway -- as we welcome Eric Strebel to the chat. We've probably all seen Eric's industrial design work on YouTube, and that's what we'll be talking about. Welcome, Eric!

Eric Strebel12:00 PM
@wayn3w just draw, architects draw different objects than industrial designers, so they have a different way of expressing their thoughts, keep that in mind

Inne12:01 PM
I was wondering how good should my design files aesthetics look, as a hobbyist that wants to publish something online: or blog (so not for a client). Do you have a criterion of effort on looks vs its return. Personally I am bad at drawing schematics and sketches but I find it nice to have them as background to why I am making said thing.

wayn3w12:01 PM
Thank you

Dan Maloney12:01 PM
Eric, can you start us off with a little about your background?

Rudranand Sahu12:01 PM
Hi everyone. It's my pleasure to be able to join this chat.

Eric Strebel12:03 PM
I design products for various clients around the globe, many of the things you see on my videos are just small parts of those projects, I am not always able to share. I teach ID here in Detroit at Wayne state university,CCS and Lawrence tech

Eric Strebel12:03 PM
I love to share my craft and educate the world about how products are born into our world

Eric Strebel12:04 PM
@Inne i guess it depend on the level you wan to take it, since it just a hobby, do the best you can to get th result your are happy with

Dan Maloney12:04 PM
So does one get a degree in ID or is it more of a "figure it out as you go" thing?

Eric Strebel12:05 PM
I actually have a degree in ID, but many schools just offer a BFA

Eric Strebel12:05 PM
so it depend on the school you attend, I went to Pratt in Brooklyn

Erin RobotGrrl12:06 PM
In your work do you have to run any simulations (like FEA, to see the forces) on your design?

Pablo Oyarzo12:06 PM
There are two schools of thinking between industrial designers from what Ive observed, from which one you consider yourself more align with "Art side" or "Industrial side" (lets call it like that)

Dan Maloney12:07 PM
I kind of figured there would be a degree. I mean, you can major in packaging engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology, which is actually pretty cool. I'll bet there's a lot of ID that goes into packaging of consumer products.

Eric Strebel12:07 PM
@Erin RobotGrrl , no there is usually an engineer that works out that stuff, my focus is to design for manufacturing, astecticts, functionality, visuals. Engineering would handle that stuff and we would work out a solution as needed

Erin RobotGrrl12:08 PM
Ooo interesting

Eric Strebel12:08 PM
@Pablo Oyarzo depends what your focus it, hire a designer that has the focus that is important to you

Rudranand Sahu12:08 PM
You can learn about ansys if you are into that

Erin RobotGrrl12:08 PM
What would you recommend for someone moving in to ID, but they don't know Solidworks. Should the software be obtained through various means to get experience? Or keep working on more projects in other CAD like Fusion 360?

Eric Strebel12:09 PM
I do all my production stuff in fusion 360, it’s more than capable. But learn how to communicate an idea befor you learn how to model in Cad, that is more important

Rudranand Sahu12:09 PM
You might start with basic softwares like tinkercad and then you move up as you learn more.

Erin RobotGrrl12:10 PM
I see a lot (basically, all) job postings require Solidworks

Eric Strebel12:10 PM
For designers, communicating ideas and concepts is one of the big things

Rudranand Sahu12:11 PM
But it is not necessary to jump straight away into most difficult softwares

Pablo Oyarzo12:11 PM
Have you encounter resistance while using F360 in the industry? Here in my country Sheet Metal manufacturing facilities require the design to be in Solidworks, only because its legacy

Eric Strebel12:11 PM
I don’t look at job postings much, but if you are able to articulate ideas and communicate them, the company would make accommodations for you

morgan12:11 PM
in your students and/or career do you see a log of overlap between ID and Communications?

Eric Strebel12:11 PM
@Pablo Oyarzo , no, nobody seems to ask where the step file came from

morgan12:11 PM
that's also another area of study I've consider moving towards next

Eric Strebel12:12 PM
@morgan , yes, you must be able to communicate your idea, sketching, models, renderings, and story telling, and empathy for the user

morgan12:13 PM
love that, empathy for the user.

Eric Strebel12:13 PM
@Pablo Oyarzo nope, not really, so long as you have the information they need, it does not seem to be an issue for me.

morgan12:13 PM
we really drove that in our exhibit design

Inne12:13 PM
Concerning documenting projects is there anything you picked up that turned out to be a big time save/made things a lot easier.

Pablo Oyarzo12:14 PM
In 2018/2019 , I search a lot on the internet for online courses on ID, didn't found much, pretty much found nothing. Now after the pandemic started, or mid pandemic to be precise, I've seen many content and courses, specifically Domestika. What are your opinions as an educator on the ID courses that are online ? Why arent there more? Or have I been looking in the wrong place?

Eric Strebel12:14 PM
@Inne when you finish designing a product, having a good design guide, to share with manufacturing is super important, I have a video about it

Rudranand Sahu12:14 PM
What are some issues that one would normally face when designing very small product? (Like 1 inch square challenge)

Eric Strebel12:15 PM
@Pablo Oyarzo , its a hands on field, hard to teach those skills online, particularly the basics of form, function, proportions and craft

Inne12:16 PM
design guide video:

Erin RobotGrrl12:16 PM
What makes good ID portfolios stand out against others?

Eric Strebel12:16 PM
@Rudranand Sahu , not exactly sure what your asking but everything is designed in metric in CAD, I don’t do inches, just to much hassle

Eric Strebel12:17 PM
@Inne yup

Rudranand Sahu12:17 PM
How about designing a product within 3cm x 3cm area?

Dan Maloney12:18 PM


Eric Strebel12:18 PM
@Erin RobotGrrl depends, but being able to articulate a concept form beginning to end is important to me, you can render, but cant think out a problem then I am not interested

technicalfiddles joined  the room.12:18 PM

Erin RobotGrrl12:19 PM
Ok :)

Pablo Oyarzo12:19 PM
Have you ever been to a Hackaday Superconference? If not, are you interested in going?

Eric Strebel12:19 PM
@Rudranand Sahu be more specific, not sure what you are asking me

Eric Strebel12:19 PM
@Pablo Oyarzo have no idea that that is!

Thomas Shaddack12:19 PM
Hands on... could augmented/virtual reality be of any help here?

Eric Strebel12:20 PM
@Thomas Shaddack it will be much bigger in the future that’s it is now, positive of that

Dan Maloney12:20 PM
In the "before time", Supercon was a yearly get-together in Pasadena where hackers from all walks of hackerdom got together to talk about hacking

Rudranand Sahu12:20 PM
I'm planning to make a blutooth controlled car within dimensions: H: 1.5cm, L: 4cm, W: 2.5cm

Pablo Oyarzo12:20 PM
Its like the Comicon, for hardware hackers and such, organized by Hackaday!

Dan Maloney12:20 PM
We went virtual last year, like pretty much everyone did.

Erin RobotGrrl12:21 PM
Did you work at a design firm before making your own company? Which do you like more?

Dan Maloney12:21 PM
Comicon for Hackers, perfect!

morgan12:21 PM
yeah, @Eric Strebel should talk at SuperCon (or at least attend)

Pablo Oyarzo12:21 PM
@Rudranand Sahu That pretty cool

Rudranand Sahu12:21 PM
Thanks :)

Eric Strebel12:21 PM
@Rudranand Sahu , that is quite small, make sure you understand the scale of your components first before you start that project

Dan Maloney12:22 PM
Hey, we're looking for speakers for Supercon already. Let me know who you want to hear and we'll try to put it together. I assume there are votes for Eric already...

Eric Strebel12:22 PM
supercon, sounds so important! LOL sounds fun, send me a ticket

Rudranand Sahu12:22 PM
I can fit circuits in that region but I am facing problems at mechanical portion.

Thomas Shaddack12:22 PM
What helps a lot is having a mockup of components in eg. openscad. Then you can shift them around and see what fits and where the space is too tight.

Eric Strebel12:23 PM
@rud, exactly my point