Hack Chat Transcript, Part 2

A event log for Movie Prop Electronics Hack Chat

Movie Magic with Ben Eadie

dan-maloneyDan Maloney 04/20/2022 at 20:100 Comments

Ben1:01 PM
@Tom Nardi On Ghostbusters there was a scene that got cut. because I had only one of the props that they needed and it broke.... That was the only time it happened to me and it was all my fault. I will never do it again

Ben1:02 PM
@charliex Totally.

Nicolas Tremblay1:02 PM
Not the buggy from the video?

Ben1:02 PM
@Dan Maloney do you follow @PropsToHistory on TikTok? He is a friend of mine and you should if you do not. Your favorite prop would resonate with him so much

Ben1:03 PM
@Nicolas Tremblay we had 4... it hurt to see it squished. But we had a spare to go right awway.

Dan Maloney1:04 PM
Whoa, here we are at the top of the hour all of a sudden. Ben, thanks so much for your time today, I love getting insider glimpses into industries that otherwise wouldn't be possible. And I want to thank everyone else for the great questions and discussion.

And don't forget that "one is none" thing!

Boian Mitov1:05 PM
Thank you @Ben and @Dan Maloney :-)

Ben1:06 PM
@Nicolas Tremblay The key in any show is to make things take the least time when the cameras are there. Its like 5K a min for a show. So if you wreck a 10K prop but have a immediate replacement it is infinitely better than literally 2min down time.

Nicolas Tremblay1:06 PM
Thanks @Ben for this fun hour

Ben1:07 PM
Its been a blast! Love the chat. This one had all the right questions. The audience here is really checked in.

Dan Maloney1:07 PM
We have the best audiences, but I may be biased ;-)

Ben1:07 PM
Nope you do

Ben1:08 PM
Hands down...

Tom Nardi1:08 PM
Awesome to have you @Ben

Dan Maloney1:08 PM

Dan Maloney1:08 PM
Transcript coming up. Thanks all!

Vincent1:08 PM
Thanks @Ben ! Very interesting!

Ben1:08 PM