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A event log for Getting Started in Ham Hack Chat

Time to get your ham on

dan-maloneyDan Maloney 06/08/2023 at 16:530 Comments

hamsterdaveJun-7 1:24 PM
Field day, 2 weeks, if you’re interested, go!

zonker.harrisJun-7 1:24 PM
Just a note that the U of Oregon has a ham club (N7DUX...)

KevinJun-7 1:25 PM
Mic shyness is a thing and it goes away over time. Don't let it put you off.

hamsterdaveJun-7 1:25 PM
if you’re in the Chattanooga area Devanooga will be hosting a station on Walden Ridge, details in the Devanooga slack

xBeauJun-7 1:25 PM
@zonker.harris I'm aiming to be in Portland for Field Day will be fun to connect with some stations near and far.

Mark J HughesJun-7 1:25 PM
Well, thank you to all who participated today! Beau and I were typing furiously, but without your help, we wouldn't have made it to the end!

Mark J HughesJun-7 1:25 PM
Go get a license, get on the air!

kjansky1Jun-7 1:26 PM
Need to get younger kids exposed to ham radio volunter to demonstrate i schools for STEM.

KevinJun-7 1:26 PM
Bouncing radio signals off the moon was also mentioned, and yes, people really do that.

N.Y.Jun-7 1:27 PM
Thanks for all the advice and resources. Cheers /waves

kjansky1Jun-7 1:27 PM
Some ham get into tracking space probes in orbit around the sun mars or the moon.

Dan MaloneyJun-7 1:27 PM
OK all, let's say thanks to Mark and Beau and call it a day. Thanks guys! And thanks to everyone who came out and made this a super-lively chat. Good luck to @Tom Nardi going through the transcript for his summary article on Friday ;-)

xBeauJun-7 1:27 PM
So as it goes, Be Excellent and get on the air, if you already have a license please use it and bring someone new on the air to try it out. If you are thinking about please stay curious and see where it takes you.

BobJun-7 1:27 PM
fun chat, thanks folks & 73

Dan MaloneyJun-7 1:27 PM
Transcript coming up, BTW

KevinJun-7 1:27 PM
When I helped out at a local amateur radio booth for a local fair I remember one father and son duo that came by. Both licensed. The boy was 5. :)

Mark J HughesJun-7 1:28 PM
Hope he uses GPT4!

Mark J HughesJun-7 1:28 PM
Thanks @Dan Maloney for inviting us here today!

Kaushlesh C. ( KD9VFU )Jun-7 1:28 PM
Thanks guy! 73

Mark J HughesJun-7 1:28 PM
73's de KE6WOB

Dan MaloneyJun-7 1:28 PM
Heresy! Hackaday content is 100% meatspace-generated

Mark J HughesJun-7 1:28 PM
I'll be clear on @xBeau final.

KevinJun-7 1:28 PM
We need a followed up to this chat so that those who were here can come back and tell us they went out and got their licence. :)

KevinJun-7 1:29 PM
73 de VE3SYB

xBeauJun-7 1:29 PM
And since those that know, probably didn't know to ask yet. 73 is the ubiquitous sign off in Amateur Radio, meaning I've got nothing else, end of communications and see ya!

kjansky1Jun-7 1:29 PM
73's & 88's

KevinJun-7 1:29 PM
for the QRP enthusiasts, 72. :)

xBeauJun-7 1:30 PM
@Kevin nice one, I look forward to the QRO crowd chiming on the 74

KevinJun-7 1:30 PM
@xBeau We won't start a flame war about whether it should or should not be pluralized.

hamsterdaveJun-7 1:31 PM
I would join a ham discord

KevinJun-7 1:31 PM
I need to go. I have some documentation I'm supposed to be writing.

xBeauJun-7 1:31 PM
for luls it's an interesting dive in to "Q" codes, which is the short hand derived from CW.

And one more shout out, QSV which means shall I send a series of V's. There's a group of us HAMs that Hack which have take'n on the abbreviation for some of adventurs.

..._ ..._ ..._ ..._

RicardoJun-7 1:32 PM
Hi, I have joined a bit late. This is ea4gmz from Madrid, Spain.

KevinJun-7 1:32 PM
Also, Q codes aren't always need when using voice modes. It can often be easier to say what you want to say without the use of Q codes than with them.

KevinJun-7 1:33 PM
You're 59. Please repeat your last. ;)

xBeauJun-7 1:33 PM
Totally, plain English is the preferred trend, there's a bit of a local slang that becomes part of the vernacular.

KevinJun-7 1:34 PM
Good luck to those of you who are going to go for your iicence. It is a fun and interesting hobby.