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Tuesday, May 2, 2017 01:00 pm PT Local time zone:
Tindie Dog Park Project
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Want to quit your day job and make electronics? Start on!

This #TindieChat is for sellers, wanna-be sellers, buyers and Tindie-curious.

Come hang out for 30 or so minutes and talk to us about how to get started.

We'll meet over at the Tindie Dog Park semi-regularly and post updated details here. Come join us!

Got questions? Add them to the list.

  • #TindieChat Transcript May 2, 2017 - Crowd Funding w/ Zach from Kickstarter!

    Tindie05/03/2017 at 20:13 1 comment

    Jasmine Brackett : We're really pleased to have @Zach Dunham from Kickstarter here.

    Zach Dunham : Thanks for inviting me, Jasmine!

    Jasmine Brackett : We've been discussing the cross over between Tindie/Hackaday and various crowdfunding communities and we're here to answer any questions.

    Jon Buford : I just finished a campaign on Indiegogo for Atomo, a modular electronics system, the kind of thing you can find on Tindie. I found that even with being Arrow Certified, IGG ended up burying the campaign because it doesn't fit their categories well.

    Does Kickstarter have a better way to make campaigns of hard technology bubble up for those people that it would be meaningful for or anything else that might be an advantage? The Arrow Certification and the design review was good, especially talking with potential distributors, but I don't feel that IGG as a platform performs well for Tindie-like projects.

    Zach Dunham : Cool. Well congrats to Jon for wrapping up the campaign.

    We have a few different ways that we highlight these types of projects

    Our DIY electronics category is a good place to start browsing — there’s everyone from Paul Stoffregen from Teensy, to a creator like Patrick Thomas who’s run over 20 electronics projects.

    The way that we celebrate and highlight these campaigns varies from tagging and grouping them so they’re easy for backers to find, to highlighting them in our Invent Newsletter. We also recommend projects to backers based on their interests and past projects they've backed. This doesn’t mean that you don’t still need to work to promote your project, but we take an active role in making sure that a variety of projects are featured, not just big campaigns, and that they’re getting in front of the right audiences.

    Jasmine Brackett : You can check out the category here:

    IIt seems it's similar to Tindie in that although we help promote products, the best results seem to come from tapping into your communities and connections.

    Ok, @Chris Gammell, you had a couple of questions?

    Chris Gammell : Was curious about the new request for projects

    Just what they're hoping for, specifically Zach

    Zach Dunham : Yea! This is something new for us.

    Chris Gammell : If I'm being blunt, it seems like a bad idea

    and I love me some Kickstarter

    only because i think it prompts people to jump in before they're ready

    that's how it reads for me

    Zach Dunham : Hah! Well thanks for being honest! It's definitely not our intention to push people to launch early.

    Chris Gammell : so maybe the right question is, is there coaching for those folks who submit something?

    or is there a checklist in your mind for how to know when they might be ready?

    I just worry about the manufacturability of something for hw

    Zach Dunham : Part of the goal here is to get a chance to talk about the types of projects, we as a team and as a platform are excited about.

    Chris Gammell : Ah cool, OK

    Zach Dunham : There's not a lot of line of sight into the inner workings of Kickstarter. Request for projects is a chance to for us to say, there's a team of people here focusing on supporting these types of projects.

    Chris Gammell : so it's more about prospecting of projects that might be at prototype

    Zach Dunham : And, we think these are important areas to highlight.

    Chris Gammell : and ready to move forward

    Jasmine Brackett : Sounds pretty interesting. You can read more about it here (after the chat)

    Zach Dunham : Ah, well I think this is about us saying, if you're working on a project in one of these areas, and are interested or have been thinking about using Kickstarter, we're here to help.

    Chris Gammell : got it! Would love to hear more about the 'manufacturability' piece too, but I'll let others ask questions in the meantime

    Zach Dunham : But, absolutely not about pushing people to launch before they're ready

    Chris Gammell : because i think it's relevant...

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  • Next #TindieChat May 2, 2017 - Crowd Funding - with Zach Dunham from Kickstarter!

    Tindie04/26/2017 at 19:30 0 comments

    Tuesday May 2nd @ 1pm PT over in the #Tindie Dog Park.

    Some sellers test their ideas on Tindie and build up to doing a crowd funding campaign, or complete a campaign and then come over to Tindie to sell excess inventory or second runs. Either way, there's a lot of great options for bringing your project to market.

    We've got @Zach Dunham joining us for May's TindieChat. He's the Design & Technology Outreach Lead at Kickstarter and has a background in hardware and audio arts. He'd love to hear your experiences and can answer any questions that you might have about launching a campaign.

    Also, @Jasmine Brackett from Tindie will be the host and can also provide advice for anyone wondering what to do after their campaigns and selling on TIndie.

    Maybe you've had an incredibly successful campaign and have advice for others? We'd love to hear your tips in this TIndieChat!

    You can post questions in advance on this doc. They can be for Zach, the Tindie Team, or the community in general.

  • #TindieChat Transcript Feb 28, 2017 - Certifications

    Jasmine Brackett02/28/2017 at 20:31 0 comments

    Jasmine Brackett says:2 hours ago

    Hello Everyone! We're about to start this month's TindieChat!

    Sophi says:2 hours ago
    We have a list of really interesting questions to discuss :

    Sophi says:2 hours ago
    This is a chat where people can share their experiences and an ask general about getting certifications. However, please be aware that we're not lawyers and can't answer very specific questions. You still need to do your due diligence for your specific situation.

    Jasmine Brackett says:2 hours ago
    Before we get into individual questions, I'd like you to let us know:

    - Who here has a product with FCC, CE, or OSHAC?

    - And for FCC/CE did you do it in-house or use another company?

    Gordon Williams says:2 hours ago
    The Espruino Original and Pico boards I sell have CE and RoHS - I got them certified by an external company

    Sophi says:2 hours ago
    @Gordon Williams how much did it cost?

    Sophi says:2 hours ago
    And did you have to send the boards away to get them certified?

    todbot says:an hour ago

    Our blink(1) USB light is getting FCC & CE marks for current production run

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  • Next #TindieChat Feb 28, 2017 - Certifications - FCC, OSH, CE, and more!

    Tindie02/15/2017 at 00:52 0 comments

    Next #TindieChat is about Certifications - FCC, OSH, CE, and more.

    If you've had experience or are an expert, let us know!

  • #TindieChat Feb 3, 2017 - Marketing

    Jasmine Brackett02/03/2017 at 21:32 0 comments

    Adrian Studer says:an hour ago

    I have a marketing question for Tindie

    Sophi Kravitz says:an hour ago


    David says:an hour ago

    i have a few ;)

    Adrian Studer says:an hour ago

    What do you see in your stats as the biggest external driver of traffic?

    Jasmine Brackett says:an hour ago


    Adrian Studer says:an hour ago

    I.e. Google search?

    Jasmine Brackett says:an hour ago

    Organic search at the moment

    Jasmine Brackett says:an hour ago

    That's why it's really important to have a good title and description

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  • (edited) Transcript of our first chat!

    Sophi Kravitz 01/20/2017 at 17:40 0 comments

    Jasmine Brackett says:38 minutes ago

    If you don't know me, I'm Jasmine. I used to be the Community manager, but for the last 9 months I've had the pleasure of working on Tindie.

    Yay Tindie!

    Dirty Engineer says:40 minutes ago

    So who here has actually quit their day job to sell product on Tindie?

    spencer says:40 minutes ago

    Me :-)

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