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February 20, 2019 X-Rays and High-Voltage with Fran Piernas :: LINK to transcript

February 13, 2019 Open-Source Biology and Biohacking with Justin Atkin :: LINK to transcript

February 6, 2019 High Altitude Ballooning with Jeremy Cope and Jason Cope :: LINK to transcript

January 23 2019 Open-Source Synthesizers with Matt Bradshaw :: LINK to transcript


November 9 2018 Cryptography with Nick Sayer :: LINK to transcript 

October 26 2018 Air Hacking with Amitabh Shrivastava :: LINK to transcript

October 19 2018 Visual Synthesis with Jonas Bers :: LINK to transcript

October 12 2018 FPGA bootcamp with the ICE with Al Williams :: LINK to transcript

October 5th 2018 Life on Mars with Matteo Borri :: LINK to transcript

September 14th 2018 Hacking with Fire with Brice Farrell :: LINK to transcript

August 31st 2018 GNU Radio with @Derek Kozel, @Martin Braun, @Marcus Müller, and @Nate :: LINK to transcript

August 24th 2018 Hacking for Mental Health with Curt White :: LINK to transcript

August 10th 2018 PCB Motors with Carl Bugeja :: LINK to transcript

July 27th 2018 Making Modular Hardware with Asaad Kaadan :: LINK to transcript

July 13th 2018 Hacking Voice UIs with Nadine Lessio :: LINK to transcript

July 6th 2018 Art Cars and Flame Effects with Kevin Bracken :: LINK to transcript

June 22nd 2018 Creative and Interactive Robots with Ladyada :: LINK to transcript

June 15th 2018 Hackaday Prize: Power Harvesting with Stephen Tranovich :: LINK to transcript

June 8th 2018 Hacking the Wild with Andrew Quitmeyer :: LINK to transcript

June 1st 2018 Logic Noise with Elliot Williams  :: LINK to transcript

May 25th 2018 Making Programming Easier with Boian Mitov  :: LINK to transcript

May 11th 2018 Open Hardware for Science with Lex Kravitz :: LINK to transcript

May 4th 2018 Building Robotics with Ben Gray :: LINK to transcript

April 27th 2018 Actuation & Control Schemes with Ryan Walker :: LINK to transcript

April 20th 2018 PCB Artwork and Photo Conversion with Andrew Sowa :: LINK to transcript

April 13th 2018 MQTT Community Hack-Along

March 30th 2018 PSpice Hack Chat with Alok Tripathi and Abha Jain of Cadence :: LINK to transcript

March 23rd 2018 The Hackaday Prize with Elecia White and Alberto Molina :: LINK to transcript

March 16th 2018 Raspberry Pi Chat with Roger Thornton :: LINK to transcript

March 9th 2018 ESP-xx Everything with SpriteTM :: LINK to transcript

March 2nd 2018 Everything PCB with Dan Sheadel and Drew Fustini :: LINK to transcript

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