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Ever wanted to build your own RF product? This is the chat to talk about all that.

Friday, February 17, 2017 12:00 pm PST - Friday, February 17, 2017 12:30 pm PST Local time zone:
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Curious about the black magic that goes into RF?

This #RFChat is for anyone who has ever designed or considered designing something that talks on RF.

Come hang out for 30 or so minutes and talk to @Jenny List about how she designs some of the RF products she sells.

Jenny List is an electronic engineer whose interest in radio goes back to her first electronic projects as a youngster. She has held an amateur radio licence since 1987 and built numerous RF projects over that time. When she is not writing for Hackaday she produces a small range of kits for amateur radio and the Raspberry Pi.

We're meeting over at the #Hack Chat on February 10th, noon PST.

Got questions? We'll have a list up. We're also doing a board giveaway, so have some killer ideas ready!

  • (edited) Transcript for RF HackChat

    Sophi Kravitz02/17/2017 at 20:16 3 comments

    Dan Maloney says:13 minutes ago

    Hey Jenny

    13 minutes ago

    thanks for coming :)

    Jenny List says:13 minutes ago

    (Well, it is here, anyway)

    Les Hall says:13 minutes ago

    oh Jenny is in europe i presume then?

    Dan Maloney says:13 minutes ago

    Blimey, yes

    Jenny List says:13 minutes ago

    ANy time

    Les Hall says:13 minutes ago

    hah, ok then!

    Jenny List says:13 minutes ago

    Yes, I'm in the UK.

    11 minutes ago

    so we have some questions:

    Jenny List says:11 minutes ago

    Our radio waves wear tuxedos, y'know

    10 minutes ago

    Is the Raspberry Pi receiver board the giveaway?

    Jenny List says:10 minutes ago

    That's right.

    Jenny List says:10 minutes ago

    OK, just addressing questions...

    steverobillard says:8 minutes ago

    looking forward to this one my first electronics project was a radio telescope

    Jack Laidlaw says:7 minutes ago

    Hey folks.

    Shulie Tornel says:7 minutes ago

    Here's a good question from the doc: What are good modern resources for learning RF? (assuming already know digital & analog electronics)

    M.daSilva says:6 minutes ago

    Hey guys!

    steverobillard says:6 minutes ago

    when it comes to RF I like the ARRL handbook

    Tim says:6 minutes ago

    Hey gang!

    Jenny List says:5 minutes ago

    "How do i best do low power digital commms?"

    It depends as always what you want to do. If it's just a simple serieal link between small devices, any one of numbers of off the shelf UHF modules. Usually 435 MHz, 868 MHz. (Are those Euro frequencies, US might be different)

    If you want to go further afield, I'd suggest a LoRaWAN board. These can make miles with a decent antenna, are pretty cheap, and easy enough to program. Upcoming I'll be doing a demo for a HaD feature. Google "The Things Network" for an example of an open Internet backend for LoRaWAN.

    Shulie Tornel says:5 minutes ago

    HI Jack, M.daSilva, Tim! Welcome!

    skot says:4 minutes ago

    Is the Microchip RN2903 the best module out there to get started with LoRaWAN?

    4 minutes ago

    how much power does a LoRa board pput out for transmission?

    Shulie Tornel says:4 minutes ago

    GoogleDoc for questions (and RaspPi Receiver Board Giveaway)

    Adam Vadala-Roth says:3 minutes ago

    hi Jenny!

    Jenny List says:2 minutes ago

    "What are good modern resources for learning RF?"

    That's a tough one, because of course I learned it 30 years ago :)

    I would suggest looking at publications from the ARRL, the RSGB, or other national amateur radio societies. The RSGB's Radio Communication Handbook, is that still a thing? I am pretty sure the ARRL do a similar book.

    But of course the best way to learn in anything like this is to get hacking. Search the WWW, try a few projects, modify them, stick them togehter, the usual.

    Jenny List says:2 minutes ago

    Evening Adam!

    Jacob Christ says:a minute ago

    Is there a plug in that will do text to speech for this chat?

    Adam Vadala-Roth says:a minute ago

    :) added a question

    a minute ago

    no, sorry

    a few seconds ago

    here's another question from the sheet: What's your suggestion for a fun project I can lead with my local radio club to introduce HF? We are mostly VHF/UHF users but looking to explore HF. Thank you, Jenny!

    Jenny List says:a few seconds ago

    As to individual LoRaWAN modules, I'm afraid that's beyond my knowledge. However it's a certainty that among Hackaday's users will be people who know each module intimately.

    Radu Motisan says:3 minutes ago

    hi Jenny, Sophie & all

    Jacob Christ says:3 minutes ago

    Is there a published REST interface for this chat room so I can build a text to speech ap?

    3 minutes ago

    hey Radu!!

    Dan Maloney says:2 minutes ago

    Andreas Spiess has some good videos lately on LoRaWAN range tests and the like, FWIW

    Radu Motisan says:a minute ago

    @skot RN2903 is an excellent choice to start with LoraWAN. I used it in 3 projects

    Jack Laidlaw says:a minute ago

    Right here's a question I have, I want to buy first oscilloscope do I go for a second hand analogue or one of those DSO plug into the laptop things?...

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