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Hackaday LA February is full of great talks by successful entrepreneurs working on unique technologies and design. Join us for a great evening of talks, delectable food, hoppy drinks and hacks!

Featured Guest Speakers

Video, Audio and Digital Signal Processing by Boian Mitov

Boian Mitov is a software developer and founder of Mitov Software, specialized in the areas of Data Acquisition, Hardware Control, Industrial Automation, Communications, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, parallel and distributed computing. He has over 30 years of overall programming experience in a large variety of software problems, is a regular contributor to theBlaise Pascal Magazine, and author of the OpenWire, an open source technology library.

Chrono Chromatic at Coachella by Andrew Hernandez and Eddie Magaña

Andrew and Eddie are founders of Aphidoidea, creators of large-scale art installations for music festivals and public spaces. Andrew's experience stems from a solid design background, professionally and academically, recognized through design competitions and awards. Eduardo has a strong emphasis in the exploration of concepts through the adjoin use of physical and digital models. He has skills in welding, metal working techniques, and metal sculpture exploration. Andrew and Eduardo both hold a BA in Architecture from Cal Poly Pomona University.


Call For Lightning Talks

We will have reserved time for lightning talks. You'll get about two minutes to talk about a topic, project, announcement or are looking for project collaborators, get in touch with Dan Hienzsch.

Don't forget to bring along your demos and projects. You made it, so it's time to show if off. During Hackaday LA January Meetup, Roger brought along his Luggable PC and it ended up being featured on You just never know who may show up.



The Design Lab is at 30 E Del Mar Blvd, Pasadena, CA. You probably won't find street parking nearby, but please see this Google map showing the Supplyframe DesignLab location and nearby parking structures:

• Del Mar Station Parking Structure (2 min walk), 198 South Raymond Avenue. 626.817.0827

• Schoolhouse Park & Walk Structure (7 min walk), 33 East Green Street. 626.577.8963

• De Lacey Park & Walk Structure (10 min walk), 45 South De Lacey Avenue. 626.577.8963

Public Transportation

Using the Metro Goldline trains is quick and easy. It takes about 20 mins from Union Station in downtown LA to Del Mar Station, which is less than 2 minutes walk from our front door. Trains run about every 10 mins during the day, and 20 mins at night from 11pm-2am.

There are also buses that serve Old Town Pasadena. The nearest intersection is FAIR OAKS/DEL MAR BLVD, PASADENA, CA 91105. You can find timetables or use the Metro Trip Planner at

Please RSVP at Meetup.