San Francisco

Hackaday is hosting a series of unconference events in three cities on the same day.

The San Francisco Unconference will take place at Supplyframe Offices in Downtown SF on March 18th. Join us for a Saturday of inspiring talks, food and drinks, hacks and projects.

Theme: Build Something That Matters

What can you do to help people in a huge way? Is it a new transportation device, a new way to communicate, a new device to help disabled people? Think about these topics which could help change the world: health, education, peace, poverty, environment. Bring your ideas, projects, discussion topics and get ready to conceptualize and analyze together.

What is an Unconference? An unstructured format for peer-to-peer learning, collaboration, and creativity. The Hackaday Unconference will kick off with throwing out ideas and topics. We, as a collective group, will put together an agenda on a whiteboard with empty time slots. Short 8 minute (or less) talks will range from pre-prepared talks reflecting on years of research to spur of the moment, sudden brainstorm ideas that would be fun to talk about. Interaction and discussions are highly encouraged!

If you're itching to present and get involved, please reach out to us!


EVENTBRITE RSVP REQUIRED: *Currently sold out, but join the waitlist!* https://www.eventbrite.com/e/build-something-that-matters-hackaday-unconference-san-francisco-tickets-32360986582