Hackaday World Create Day at LearnOBots Labs

We will be discussing the Hackaday prize and brainstorming ideas for submission.

Saturday, April 22, 2017 11:00 am PKT - Saturday, April 22, 2017 05:00 pm PKT Local time zone:
Islamabad, Pakistan
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Like last year, this year LearnOBots will again be opening up it's doors for organizing the World Create Day. Since we are already creators and support DIY activities, we will be utilizing our experience to help the community in brainstorming and submitting ideas to the Hackaday prize. We might throw in a few hacks and pizzas along the way!

A number of kids will be attending our events to create cool projects.


Home automation project by kids at LearnOBots

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Having a fun #WorldCreateDay at LearnOBots

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LearnOBots is fully geared up to celebrate #WorldCreateDay with @hackaday #learnobots #edtech #Pakistan

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#WorldCreateDay happening right now at #learnobots- a 9 year old made his very own piano with play-dough

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Children making #wearable #electronics today @learnobots to mark the #WorldCreateDay

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  • Another Video of activities at WorldCreateDay, LearnOBots

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  • Raspberry PI display to show Registrations

    shamylmansoor04/22/2017 at 20:08 0 comments

    At LearnOBots we celebrated WorldCreateDay with a lot of kids doing different kinds of projects. Some of the adults like me were also making their own projects for the day.

    In this project I created a Raspberry PI based display to show the number of Google forms filled for LearnOBots upcoming Summer Camp 2017. The display helps us plan our activities by keeping a tab on the number of registration forms filled.

    The form that people fill to register for the Summer Camp is a Google Form. I created a python program that uses Google Drive API to connect to this form and retrieve the number of rows that have been filled in the registration form. The hardware used is a Raspberry PI Zero W, a 7" EDI Raspberry pi compatible TFT touch screen and a USB power supply to power the Raspberry PI. Whenever a new form is filled the display updates the number showing the current number of registrations. The idea is to keep the program running for as long as the registrations are open. The display is always on. Here are a few pictures of the project.

    I will write a detailed article as a separate project to show how I did it. For now let's have some pictures.

  • Home Automation for World Create Day

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    Rafay and Haziq developed a BlueTooth based home automation system to help Ali control his appliances as Ali got injured and is on bed rest.

    They used MIT App inventor to make an Android app which uses Bluetooth to send signals to an Arduino which in turn controls the Light bulb through a Relay. Here is their video explaining their project.

  • Celebrating #WorldCreateDay at LearnOBots

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    At LearnOBots we had 5 different sessions throughout the day where kids engaged in different making and DIY activities. From home automation to user interfaces using play dough and makey makey, kids engaged in a number of different creative and fun activities.

    Apart from kids a fed adults worked on some ideas as well. I will be adding that log a little later. All in all it was a great fun event and the kids loved it!

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Mike Szczys wrote 04/24/2017 at 16:37 point

Wow, you had a really successful World Create Day. It's wonderful to see so many people working on projects and it looks like there's a ton of excitement around each one of them. Well done!

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shamylmansoor wrote 04/24/2017 at 19:46 point

Thanks Mike! Happy to be promoting the maker movement in Pakistan! Every day Hackaday inspires us as well so just playing our little part in the maker world.

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