Raspberry PI display to show Registrations

A event log for Hackaday World Create Day at LearnOBots Labs

We will be discussing the Hackaday prize and brainstorming ideas for submission.

shamylmansoorshamylmansoor 04/22/2017 at 20:080 Comments

At LearnOBots we celebrated WorldCreateDay with a lot of kids doing different kinds of projects. Some of the adults like me were also making their own projects for the day.

In this project I created a Raspberry PI based display to show the number of Google forms filled for LearnOBots upcoming Summer Camp 2017. The display helps us plan our activities by keeping a tab on the number of registration forms filled.

The form that people fill to register for the Summer Camp is a Google Form. I created a python program that uses Google Drive API to connect to this form and retrieve the number of rows that have been filled in the registration form. The hardware used is a Raspberry PI Zero W, a 7" EDI Raspberry pi compatible TFT touch screen and a USB power supply to power the Raspberry PI. Whenever a new form is filled the display updates the number showing the current number of registrations. The idea is to keep the program running for as long as the registrations are open. The display is always on. Here are a few pictures of the project.

I will write a detailed article as a separate project to show how I did it. For now let's have some pictures.