Event Summary

A event log for Hackaday World Create Day @ Orotava Hackerspace

Desarrollo de ideas y proyectos en el Hackerspace durante un par de horas

TanaHTanaH 04/24/2017 at 21:370 Comments

While less people than expected showed up (8 in total, 4 stayed until the end) we still had a blast during the event.

Starting with a brief explanation on how the Hackaday Prize works, the purpose of World Create Day and a quick recap on last year's winners, we started a brainstorming session for problems with different topics in mind. After a around an hour of discussing different problems ( some of them were mocap, elders issues with solitude, a lack of learning motivation in socially excluded youngsters, local climate study and farming plagues.), we narrowed down the list to 3 interesting topics: automatic farming, mobility problems for mental patients and low cost band saw.

From those we worked on some solutions like a delta Farmbot to reduce costs while increasing the practical area, a click system to easily release patients from chairs without taking time nor effort and a low cost band saw adapter idea for a rotary tool.