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The first round of the Hackaday Prize is a chance to pitch an idea and submit a Design Concept. Then we give you 4 more Hackaday Prize challenges to run with; choose to enter any or all Challenges.

5 challenges run in series (one after the other) and each challenge lasts just 6 weeks. The Best Product challenge runs simultaneously with all 5 challenges.

Work alone or collaborate as a team. Big things start with just an idea. 20 projects will be chosen from each of the 6 rounds and awarded $1000 per project.

For this meetup:

We'll start with introductions, settle down and get a quick brief about the day's objectives. Then we'll form our teams, brainstorm and create our proposals according to the Design Your Concept entry requirements.

Afterward, we'll share our ideas and feedback in a round of lightning pitches. Finally, we'll wrap up by submitting our project ideas to the Hackaday Prize Design Your Concept challenge!

What to Bring:

• Laptop and charger

• Pen and paper

• Brain*

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