Our #WorldCreateDay Austin community event attracted a diverse set of creatives from all walks of life.

Following my welcome introduction, I gave an overview of the #HackadayPrize, the 70 countries participating this year. Tindie the Hacker/Maker marketplace and reviewed some of the previous project entries from the 1,000 submissions last year.

Next up I invited a good friend of mine Dan Vogler who gave an inspiring opening presentation on 'Design Fiction as a tool in product development' Shown in the image above.

His talk referenced a number of historic movies like StarTrek, The Bionic Man, The Bionic Woman etc. where fictional technology had been introduced and later products were released into the market based of these concepts. Dan included information on The Human Genome Sequence Project and later talked about Satellites in space.

Next up, I talked about the TinyHackerHouse sustainable innovation community development project and it's progress into the HackadayPrize 2017. I highlighted different affordable building structures from tinyhouses, RV's, trailers, shipping containers and geodesic domes that will be used for our 1 acre live/work space. I also followed up with a short TinyHouse design challenge to spark ideas and introduce design thinking as a process for ideation.

We were extremely fortunate to have Leah Lasalla and her Jose La Placa Amigo who gave a live demo of their drone that stops bullets connected with the Microsoft HoloLens and some of the gestures added.

A special thanks to Marshall Peck and Gabi Marraro who showed us how to build a 3DPrinter and also gave an awesome workshop on how to build a 3D model in 8 mins using Autodesk Fusion360 software.

Lastly we opened it up for open mic where some members such as Grayson Schlichting talked about various hardware hacking projects members worked on last year in addition to some new technologies for this years challenge.

The event sparked creative ideas and follow up discussions for our community here in Austin and around the world. Excited to see what happens next...stay tuned.

If your an advocate for the Hacker/Maker/TinyHouse movement or have experience building a community, please send me a note, would love to learn more about your progress. Alternatively you can subscribe to this website to keep informed on our campaign.

I will upload the pictures soon, but you can also read this article on my campaign site at:



Anil Pattni